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GNB: Marshall walks into the conference room to find a seriously disheveled Jenkins (although he doesn't seem to notice anything is off with her). He invites her to come to the college bar with him and Lily, but he's having a hard time being devious. "You could just, like, watch me play Skee Ball, or do exactly what you did... the other night... it's really up to you." Jenkins lunges for him, grabs his face and KISSES MARSHALL! OMINONONONO! Commercial.

When we get back from the break, Jenkins is still kissing Marshall, and bless him, it's very one-sided. He struggles to free himself, and then flees, first from the room, then from the building, screaming all the way. When Marshall gets home, he tells Lily, who again does not freak out. In fact, she doesn't even believe him. She uses her I'm-humoring-you-sweetie voice as she insists that she knows he's just trying to make her jealous. When Marshall swears he's not making this up, Lily turns the adorability up to 11 as she pretends to be jealous and swears she'll find that Jenkins and give her a knuckle sandwich. Jason Segel struggles not to laugh. Lily rises and offers to make Marshall some soup and walks off to the kitchen. Marshall looks after her and screams, "IT HAPPENED! DO YOU HAVE ANY... SPLIT PEA LEFT?" Hee.

Ted's Classroom: At the end of the lecture, Scottie invites Ted to go out drinking with the class tonight. They're going to play the Robin Scherbatsky drinking game. Ted's so thrilled, he can't contain his inner duke. "Well, what can I say, except... but-ums up?" Crickets. Ted's smile fades. "Can I still come?" More crickets. "I'll pay." The class finally cuts him a break. Hey -- birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, students gotta drink and so do you. DRINK!

On air, Robin's interviewing an author and lets out a but um. At the college bar, Ted and the kids raise their glasses and yell, "But um!" Back on Come On, GET UP New York! Robin catches herself but-umming and tries to stop. She's not having much success, though. She falls silent for a moment and Saget!Ted tells us that it was then that Robin got an idea that would end the But um drinking game, forever. She starts throwing out but ums willy-nilly, even when they make no sense. Ted catches on and warns the kids off the game. Back on the show, the author walks off the set, telling the unseen producer (I guess) to keep the $10.00. Hee. Robin shouts out to any college kids who might be watching and lets out a non-stop stream of but ums Back in the bar, Scottie addresses Ted in hushed tones. "We have to drink, professor. It's the rules. She said 'but um'." He hands Ted a shot. Ted cringes. "God help us all."

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