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End Tag: Ted and his entire class are obviously and painfully hungover and Ted, whose liver is older, is maybe still sort of drunk, too. As Ted digs some aspirin out of his bag, he whisper-slurs that they'll have a really low-key class today, with not a lot of talking and no noise. Just then a bright-eyed and bushy tailed (oh wait, that's just her coat) Robin bursts in and says, "'S'up, guys?" Ted slurs for her to just go away. Robin says, "I just wanted to drop by to say..." She reveals she's carrying a bullhorn. The kids, with their backs to her, can't see this, but Ted can. Robin presses a button and the bullhorn makes some sort of siren noise. The kids jump out of their seats. Robin yells into it: "Thanks for watching Come On, GET UP New York! Wooo!" She closes the door. The kids hold their poor, abused heads and returned to their slumped positions. Robin comes back in, bull horn to her lips. "BUT UM!" And? Scene.

Well, that was a fun episode, but I've had the worst time recapping it and I don't know why, so I'm going to just close saying that I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think that NPH did a bang-up job. Granted, I know nothing about direction, but if I didn't know he directed this episode, I never would have thought they had a directorial rookie running things. And also, I know a lot of you are upset that the show seemed to be implying that Marshall is the settler. And I see how/why you're saying that, but I don't think it was. I think the fact that Lily did get jealous (and so very ugly and violent in her jealousy) proves she didn't settle for Marshall. Of course, I don't think Marshall settled for Lily, either. I think her first answer was right -- neither one settled; neither one reached. That's why they're so good. That's it for this week, and I'm pretty sure next week is a re-run, so I'll see you in February. In the meantime, please read on, because I've got a little request.

SOAP BOX: As I send this for publication, news is breaking that an aftershock registering 6.1 on the Richter scale has struck Haiti, centered about 35 miles northwest of Port-au-Prince. Even without this latest aftershock (and aftershocks are tricky things; sometimes they stop within days, but sometimes they go on for months), the people of Haiti were already in desperate need of our support. The editorial staff has been kind enough to allow me to link to charitable organizations in my recaps. I don't want to steer any donors in the wrong direction, so I'm focusing on organizations which receive a grade in the A range, from the AIP (American Institute of Philanthropy) on its Charity Watch page. You can check out the AIP link above to see what that means and how grades are assigned. With one exception (noted below**) I believe I have selected funds targeted specifically to Haiti -- not because that's the only place in the world that needs our help, but because at this time, that's where so many of us are moved to give.

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