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How We Quit Those Mothers
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Welcome to yet another strong episode of How I Met Your Mother, full of callbacks and fun, so let's get right to it. In 2030, Saget!Ted's kids are still listening to his never-ending story of how he met their mother. Given the kids' appearance, this seems like it might be some of the famed footage that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas stuck in their vault for future use. Anyhow, Saget!Ted starts off by telling them how early Aunt Robin's morning show aired. We cut to...

The Come On, GET UP New York! set: From the news desk, Robin is trying to wake her cameraman, Mike, as Saget!Ted tells his kids, "And then, everything changed." And I'm not sure why he said that, the way he said it, because the time of the show didn't change. But anyhow, Robin arrives back at the apartment, and since Ted didn't see her show (don't these kids have TiVo or a VCR?) she tells him about her new co-host. He's Don Frank (Bob Koldyke), who you'll remember as the coworker Robin met after Marshall and Ted told her she was going to meet the one. Don's been part of 38 local news teams all over the country and is an industry legend. I'm also guessing he's a giant tool, since he looks awfully young to have worked on that many shows prior to arriving at Come On, GET UP New York! Ted tells Robin she's so going to "hit that." Robin denies it through all his teasing then excuses herself to go upstairs and stand on the roof alone for five minutes. Um, is she waiting for the Rapture? Well, that depends on your definition. Saget!Ted says that Robin is actually up on the roof to smoke a cigarette. In 2030, the children recoil in horror. "WHAT?!" Saget!Ted explains that back in 2009, Robin was an occasional smoker. "Occasional" extends to smoking while eating, brushing her teeth, and doing yoga.

And Robin is doing yoga with her butt in the air and a butt hanging out of her mouth when Ted, Marshall and Barney enter the apartment. Barney makes a crack about having just left someone in Robin's yoga position. I think it would have been funnier had he made the crack personal to Robin and their time together. I mean come on -- this is Barney. Whatever. Ted reminds her that she has to smoke on the roof, and chides her for the time she burnt the rug while doing pushups with a cigarette dangling from her lips. Marshall stumbles as he tries to hop on the shame train. "Yeah, Robin. Not only is that a filthy habit, but also... can I bum one?" In 2030, the kids again say, "WHAT?!"

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