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Robin sits on the stoop eating soft-serve ice cream, wearing just a T-shirt and jeans, as people pass by in parkas. Marshall wanders up and apologizes for his behavior at the Walleye. (I was gonna say...) He admits he acted like a total jerk and never should have outed her. Robin apologizes for trying to make the Walleye her own, when she knew it was his place. "Just every year at the holidays, I get homesick. And so far, every year I've had a reason to stay -- a boyfriend, a job, or something. But this year for the first time, I don't."

Marshall assures her that she does. "We all love you, okay? If you ever moved back to Canada, we would hop on a plane, we would track you down. And after Barney dragged us to a few of those strip clubs you talked about..." Robin laughs. "We would bring you back right here, where you're supposed to be. It's... It's not New York without Robin Scherbatsky." Oh dammit, Marshall. You just made me 'ship you and Robin. Make it stop! I'm sorry, but that was too cute. Robin thanks him. It's just that every once in a while, when she's missing it, she wishes she could blink her eyes and be back in Canada for an hour. Marshall says, "I was hoping you would say that."

Cut to the outside of a bar. The sign is white with a red maple leaf, and reads: "Hoser Hut." Inside, it's a Canadian karaoke club. Robin marvels that Marshall found the place. He wants to know if it feels like home. Robin says, "There's one way to find out," and intentionally bumps into a man standing before her. He apologizes to her, asks if she's okay, and gives her a doughnut on the "hoose." Robin coos that it's just like home. Marshall spots the light switch on wall behind it and accidentally-on-purpose leans into it. The bar is plunged into darkness and stocking-capped patrons howl with fright. Marshall hollers that he's sorry, and that it's going to be fine. He smirks at Robin. She rolls her eyes and says, "No one likes the dark."

Best End Tag EVER! At the Hoser Hut, the doughnut-giving apologizer (doesn't have the same ring as cheese eating surrender monkey, does it?) announces: "Next up from Ontario, Marshall Eriksen." [I totally missed that Marshall lied about where he was from! - Zach] Robin didn't realize he signed up to perform and asks what he'll sing. With a sly grin, Marshall tells her he thinks she'll recognize it.

Cut to Marshall on stage singing:

But that's okay / I'm gonna rock your body, anyway / I'm gonna rock your body to Canada Day.

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