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Hurley's. Barney places his order with the waiter. "I'll have the vichyssoise, with just a soupçon of crème fraîche. Too much dairy and I tend to bloat." Heh. He winks at Heather, who then tells her big brother she found an apartment and needs him to co-sign a lease. When Ted says he needs to think about it, Barney whispers, "That means he's not going to do it." Heather persists, while Ted tries stall. Barney adds, "Don't hold your breath."

Heather's upset that Ted doesn't trust her. Ted tries to put her off by saying, "You're my sister."

Barney helps some more. "Now he's just stating a fact."

Heather insists she's serious about a career in finance, and complains that Ted looks at her like she's a four-year-old who wants to be an astronaut. Gee Heather, maybe because you've picked the worst recession in yonks to chase that particular dream. At this point, I'd say acting was a more stable choice -- potential strike and all. It's a shame/weird that in this season, where Barney's big bank has figured so prominently, the writers haven't made at least a little hay with the banking crisis and recession, don't you think? Ted tells her he just doesn't think she gets how tough it is to make it in New York. I think she doesn't get how tough it is to find a job anywhere, right now. Unlike the writers, Barney doesn't let opportunity slip through his fingers. "Exactly. You need connections. If only Ted knew someone who worked at, say, Goliath National Bank, then...wait!" He takes a business card out of his jacket pocket. "I work at Goliath National Bank. How 'bout that?"

At the Walleye, Number One brings two Bemidji Pale Ales, and a platter full of mini-burgers which are anything but. And of course they're Robin's. Cobie Smulders is expecting, so maybe they're going to have her eat herself silly on the air, to explain her bump, while they hide Alyson Hannigan's behind pocketbooks, potted plants and counter tops. Robin notices another patron playing a game called Fisherman's Quest, which she used to play all the time back home. Marshall says he has high score at the bar, and a cardboard note reading, "High Score, Marshall" is taped to the top of the video game. "Not to brag, but I caught -- oh a 35-inch northern pike. The biggest video fish anyone's ever reeled in. ...I mean, freshwater." Oh Marshall, your hair still looks cute, you don't have to kill me dead with your cuteness like that. Robin congratulates her fellow angler, thanks him for bringing her to the Walleye, and slaps his hands away from her burgers (which I'm not sure Cobie could eat in a week). These two have way better chemistry than I expected, considering Robin said he was a talk-blocker, and he pretty much told her she was a slut back in "The Naked Man."

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