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At Hurley's, Barney helps Heather on with her coat. Is this the first time on the show he's ever helped a woman into her clothing? Anyhow, while that's going on, Ted confides in Lily -- who just made a big deal about her inability to keep secrets at Christmastime -- that he's not thrilled with the idea of Heather being alone with Barney in his office. He also complains about her request to co-sign her lease. Lily argues that she can tell Heather has grown up, so Ted reveals she was just busted for shoplifting, eight months ago. Next, Lily has to become a plot device rather than a fully fleshed-out character. Sigh. She says, "Ted, a lot of women go through a shoplifting phase. And sure, maybe to this day, they swipe the occasional smaller item because it turns them on in a weird way that they can't quite explain. But, if it'll make you feel better, I'll tag along to GNB tomorrow. I'll say I'm having lunch with Marshall, but actually, I'll be spying on her and Barney." I'll finish picking this Oh, So Now Lily's A Klepto nit later, but for now, I'll just make it clear that annoyed me. And it did. Annoy me, that is. Is that very clear? Good. It doesn't matter to Ted. He's good with his klepto friend spying on his sister and his other friend, because he's a big brother like that. Sometimes, I'm so glad I don't have an older sibling. Or a younger sibling. Or any siblings. [They can come in handy, sometimes. - Zach]

Ted and Lily walk over to Barney and Heather, and Ted wishes Heather luck at GNB tomorrow, which seems sort of clunky since she'll be coming home with him, but he has to hold the nail while the writers hammer into our heads that Lily can't keep secrets around Christmas. "And I'll be spying on you guys. Damn it!"

At the Walleye, Robin reads the sign posted over the bar: "I'm drinking 'til I forget the 1999 NFC Championship." Marshall explains: "That game. The Vikings were two minutes away from going to the Super Bowl, when our kicker, who hadn't missed all year, shanked a field goal, and we lost in overtime." He slams his fist on the table. "Damn!"

From the bar, Number One asks, "'99 NFC championship game?" When Marshall confirms, Number One slams his fist on the bar and yells, "Damn." I think some patrons join him. I should mention wardrobe was really creative with the Viking jerseys -- putting the names of cast and crew members on the back. Moobibi has the details here, in the forum.

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