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We Got Renewed? Miracle!

And here we are at the end of a slightly strike-shortened season with an episode that feels a little short and just barely delivers goods, but still has some pretty good laughs. Overall, it was a good season, and I'm sure we're all glad the show's been renewed for a fourth. Onward!

We open with Ted about to get into a cab as Radiohead's "(Nice Dream)" is playing. It's such a beautiful song that I'm surprised nobody's used it in a movie ad or other major TV show before. Or maybe they have and I missed it. I just saw Radiohead in Dallas last night, no lie. They didn't play this song, but they made up for it by playing all of In Rainbows as well as "Fake Plastic Trees" and a high-energy rant of "Wolf at the Door." But enough about Radiohead and their complete and total awesomeness (which even this show recognizes). You want to hear about Ted Mosby. SagetTed tells his kids in voiceover that this is a story about the cab ride that changed his life. He bends down to tie his shoelace as several cabs pass by. SagetTed wonders what would have happen if he had taken one of those, including a grimy, beaten-down car with "TAXI" spray painted on the side. He finally settles on a cab and, SagetTed says, it changed his life. The cab stops at an intersection and Ted looks out the rear right window. He sees something surprising, but we don't see what it is. He freezes and the music stops. "But first we need to back up a little," SagetTed says.

We side-whoosh to the apartment where Ted sighs deeply as he walks in. He asks if there's any beer in the fridge. Marshall, Lily and Robin are all sitting in the living room. Lily says it's 10 in the morning. On a weekend, I hope. Marshall is reading a copy of The New York Examiner, which has a cover story with the headline, "Nude cabbie vows to kill again." A police sketch of a bald guy with glasses and an eyepatch is shown. Marshall asks if Ted can bring him one. Ted explains that something bad just happened. He says that he and Stella were having breakfast together... immediate side-whoosh to the patio outside Popover Pantry, where they're eating. Stella tells Ted that her sister just broke up with her boyfriend. Ted immediately goes on a rant about how much he hated that guy, who was a vegan and was all hippie-dippy. "He's an idiot," Ted says dismissively. Stella says that her sister is marrying the guy, but she wanted Ted's honest opinion. Ted tries to backtrack and say that the guy is nice and kinda wise. Stella just laughs. She asks if Ted wants to go with her to the wedding so they can laugh their asses off as he wears a hemp tuxedo and walks down the aisle barefoot. Ted asks when it is. It's in November. Cut back to the living room where Lily is asking if that's the bad thing: getting invited to a wedding. Ted points out that six months is a long time to plan ahead in a new relationship. It means Stella thinks they'll still be together in six months. Ted brings up one of Barney's philosophies about planning ahead. We cut to a scene sometime in the past where Ted, Barney and Marshall are sitting in a corner booth at MacLaren's. Ted is presenting some Bruce Springsteen tickets he just scored for a future date. Barney warns him that he's messing with the date-time continuum. He says you never make plans with a girl in the future further ahead than the amount of time you've already been going out. That is amazingly good logic. Barney says that Ted's not going to a concert in January with a girl he's only been dating for two weeks. He tears up the tickets, to Ted and Marshall's horror. Apparently, they've never heard of Scotch tape. For extra funny, Barney says that by January, Ted won't even remember this "Robin" girl's name. Cut to the apartment, where Robin says, "Aw, man, I LOVE Springsteen! He's like the American Bryan Adams!" Har har, oh, Canada. Lily and Marshall give Robin funny looks. Ted says that Barney had a point. The wedding invitation did freak him out. Cut back to the breakfast with Stella. Ted brings up to Stella that six months is twice as long as they've been dating. Cut back to the apartment. Robin can't believe Ted said that. Restaurant: Ted goes on and on about how it'll be sort of a family trip, since Stella's daughter will be coming. Apartment: Marshall groans, "Oh boy..." Restaurant: Ted is getting really hot and uncomfortable. Stella asks what's wrong. "We need to talk," he says. Back at the apartment, everybody groans. Lily says you only say that when you're pregnant or breaking up with someone. Ted says he did break up with her. D'oh! Idiot! Robin asks how she took it. Flash back to the restaurant, where Ted says he was just trying to be honest. Stella, upset, says she has to get back to work. Ted says he doesn't want to leave things like this. Stella says it's all right. "We're good," she says, as she walks away. At the apartment, Lily leans over and pops Ted on the back of the head. Ted explains that Stella is a mom and that he has to deal with his doubts now, not in six months over tofu salmon at the wedding. He says he can't do that to Stella or her daughter. He claims he's being the good guy. Ted takes a sip of his beer. "Which brings me back to the cab ride," SagetTed says. "(Nice Dream)" is playing and we see Ted look out the cab window. What he saw was a black car approaching. It slams into the side of the cab, the side where Ted was sitting. Cut to black.

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