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We Got Renewed? Miracle!

We cut to Barney's office. He is sitting at his desk opposite four Asian men. One of the men is wearing a brown military uniform and a fancy military hat. Barney's phone rings. Barney assumes Lily is calling because Robin told her what's under Barney's hood (he has a clitoris?) and that she wants to take it for a spin. "Not even if you boiled it in detergent!" she says. Lily says it's about Ted. Barney calls him a former friend whom he never wanted to hear about again. Lily says he's been in a car accident and that he's at St. Anthony's hospital. Barney hangs up the phone. Lily pretends that the conversation is still happening and that Barney is very concerned, but has an important thing going on. "Suit up!" she pretends to tell Barney. "He hung up, didn't he?" Ted asks. He reiterates that they're not friends anymore. Cut to Barney telling his business associates in a foreign language, "My friend needs me!" (We see it in subtitles.) Barney exits the office. The man in the uniform asks, in English, "What did he say?" Out on the street, Barney is trying to hail a cab. Someone with a bunch of balloons steals his cab. So he runs instead. "I'm comin', Ted!" Barney says.

In the hospital room, Lily asks if Ted changed his mind about Stella. He says that when he was in the cab and the car was coming at him, he saw something. It wasn't his life flashing before his eyes. But we do see a ton of scenes from episodes past flash, with pauses to show Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney. Ted says that you only see the things you love. He sees Stella. We see the car hit the cab again. Ted says that Stella's the most important thing in his life and he has to get her back. "Miracle!" Marshall says happily. Robin says it's romantic and sweet, but not a miracle. "July. 1999. Kennedy Airport," Marshall says. We side-whoosh to see Marshall in the front of a customs line. He's wearing a tie-dyed shirt, a Rasta knit cap and carrying a huge backpack. The customs officer is very suspicious that Marshall is coming back from Amsterdam. Marshall's not helping by looking guilty as Hell. Marshall stresses that he wasn't there for any illegal reasons. The officer calls him "Bob Marley" and grabs his backpack. Just then, another officer comes in. "Shift change!" he announces. It's comedian Doug Benson. He's coughing and eating out of a box of cereal. The straight-laced officer exits and Doug takes over. "Oh, Amsterdam... all riiiiight!" he tells Marshall. "Float on through, brother." He flashes the peace sign. Coolest. Cop. Ever. Marshall giddily takes his backpack. "MIRACLE!" he shouts in the hospital room. Robin shakes her head.

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