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Lily, Marshall and Robin are back at Ted's bedside. They can't believe what just happened. Marshall asks if Ted actually said the words, "I want to break up." Ted says that of course he didn't. It's terrible to say that. Everyone agrees. Ted's phone rings. It's the same nurse who called everyone earlier about Ted's accident, but she doesn't seem to remember his name. She's calling because Ted is listed at Barney's emergency contact. Ted is confused, but SagetTed is ready to explain.

We cut to a street where Barney, sweaty and out of breath, is right across the street from the hospital. "I made it. I made it!" he announces. He puts his suit jacket back on and is promptly hit by a bus. Cut to Barney's bedside in the same hospital. Ted, now dressed in regular clothing, is with Robin, Marshall and Lily. He can't believe Barney ran all the way to the hospital. Barney, in pretty much a full-body cast and with scratches all over his face, pretends that Ted is just flattering himself. Barney lies that he had to attend an important international business meeting on this side of town. He says he's doing awesome without Ted. He says he can play the sympathy card now with the ladies. "And, BTW, there's one bone downstairs that ain't broken." He tries to get a high-five from Marshall, which involves wiggling his fingers above the place where his whole arm is in a cast and sticking up. Barney says he had it set that way so he could do it. Marshall gives him a too-rough high-five and Barney screams. "Worth it," he whimpers. Ted is touched. "You could've died," he says. Barney apologizes for breaking the Bro Code. Ted says he's sorry, too. Quietly, Barney asks, "Ted, can we be friends again?" On the verge of tears, Ted says they're more than friends. He says they're brothers. All right, I got pretty teary-eyed here, in spite of the fact that Ted is a total douche to go from not wanting to see Barney ever again to calling him "Brother." Screw you, Ted. You're lucky Barney is so hollow inside. "You're my brother, Ted!" Barney says, smiling and looking incredibly adorable. Now they do cry as Ted comes in and hugs Barney's chest. "Did you hear that, Marshall? We're brothers now!" Barney says. Ted invites Marshall in as another brother. Or rather, a brother from another. "We're all brothers!" Marshall says, cuddling in. Barney tries to make sure that he and Ted are, in fact, Best Brothers. SagetTed says that this is how they buried the hatchet. He tells us that things got pretty mushy after that, so we're gonna skip ahead. Barney is telling them what happened after the accident. He almost passed out when the paramedics took out an electric blade... they cut off his suit. "My beautiful suit!" he says. Marshall says that with Ted and Barney both alive on the same day, it must be a miracle. Robin blows a raspberry and gives him a thumbs-down. Marshall asks how she can be so cynical. Robin asks if he really wants to know. She tells a story.

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