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We Got Renewed? Miracle!

When she as little, Robin had a dog named Sir Scratchawan. Ha. Nice. He got really old and her parents had to put him down. We cut to Robin as a little girl, sitting on a rug with her golden retriever. "I love you!" she tells the dog, who looks very tired. Awww. Robin says it was the hardest day of her life. She kisses the dog. Her parents told her that the vet discovered, just that day, an experimental procedure called a canine/testudine cerebro-xenograph. Nobody's heard of it. She says it saved the dog's life and he lived another seven years. "Miracle!" Marshall declares. Except for one thing. We cut to Young Robin. She's welcoming home Sir Scratchawan. He is a large turtle. Robin goes a little nutty as she tells the group about how her dog turned into a turtle, yet didn't remember his old tricks. They look worried for her. We flash back to Young Robin throwing a bone for the turtle to go fetch. Wow. That is sad and funny. The turtle won't go. Robin looks very angry. "How long was it before..." Lily begins. "Longer than I'm proud of, Lily," Robin says. Boy is she messed up. Robin says that's when she realized miracles aren't real. Barney starts to giggle as Robin excuses herself from the room. The male nurse comes in and tells Ted that he's fine and doesn't have to stay. Ted has to go. Barney is cool with him leaving. Barney is giving a little pep talk, but Ted doesn't hear it because he's gone. Marshall tells Barney that before his accident, Ted's life flashed before his eyes, or at least what he loves did. He asks if Barney had that experience. Marshall and Lily start joking about what Barney must have seen. "Boobs." "Scotch." Money. Suits. Suits of boobs. Robin comes back into the room and Barney just stares at her. "A giant boob wearing a suit of money!" Marshall declares. "And the boob is lactating Scotch!" Lily adds. The camera zooms in on Robin as she laughs. Barney, completely serious, can't stop watching her. "That's pretty much everything you love, right?" Marshall asks. Barney finally looks away from Robin. "Yeah," he agrees, "pretty much."

SagetTed explains, over a shot of the city at night, that he's had a lot of weird and random things happen, but the car accident was one of the few that he calls a miracle. Not because of what happened, he says, but because of what happened next. Ted finds Stella at the Kiddie Funland. Her daughter is playing Whack-A-Mole. Ted asks to talk to her. They sit in a racing game. He got her a little stuffed orange kangaroo. Ted says he's been thinking about what's changed since the accident. He says he's changed and he's ready to give her what she needs. He says he spent 10 minutes at the claw machine trying to get her a big fake diamond ring. But all he could get was the kangaroo. "Diamond ring?" she asks. "Will you marry me?" Ted asks. They're facing each other and we go to black immediately. No tag, no epilogue, no hints. That's it. Season Three is over.

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