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Möbius Knicker Twist

Ted sighs and smiles, then looks down at the phone and before he can think about it, he picks it up and dials. "Hi, this is Ted Mosby, of Mosbius Designs. I'm calling to inquire about any design needs you may have now or in the future." Robin walks out of her room talking on her cell. "That sounds great, buddy. [...] Now call an actual client." Ted says, "Right." He puts down the receiver, and rubs his hands together and we fade out.

End Tag: Barney and Marshall are having lunch in the conference room. They holler out greetings to Food Guy and Toy Guy in between bites. As Barney dips his sushi (or whatever) into a dipping sauce, Marshall spies a guy in a ninja costume outside the conference room window. Turning to Barney he says, "Hey, who's that guy?" Barney looks over his shoulder then quickly turns his face front again, and in a quiet voice he says, "He doesn't work here. I think we should leave the building." He puts down his chopsticks. Marshall says, "Really?" Nervously looking over his shoulder, Barney rises from his seat. "This has happened before."

Oh, man, this episode. I love the Barney/Marshall stuff and I loved the Barney/Robin developments, but I hated so much of the main story and missed Lily so much, I really could only take watching it the first time. Every time after that, it just got dumber and dumber to me. I was going to rant a little about it being out of character for Lily to have gotten that offended at a Barney joke that she stayed away from the whole gang for any period of time, but right now? I don't even care. I hope they get it together next week. There aren't that many weeks left to the season. And this has been a good one, show. Don't let us down.

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