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My Hell/Mosbius Designs: Since Robin and PJ broke up, Ted hires PJ back. Once Ted hires PJ was back, Robin gets back with him.

MacLaren's: When Marshall tells Barney that Robin and PJ are "an item, again," he downs his whole glass of Scotch in one gulp, then chokes. Marshall asks if he's okay. Barney has to confide in Marshall since Lily isn't speaking to him. "This isn't easy to say, all right? I'm... wait for it... in... wait for it... love... wait for it... with... wait for it...." He sighs then pauses for a moment. "A... wait for it... certain... wait for it..."

Thank goodness Marshall interrupts. "I KNOW THAT YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH ROBIN!" Lily told him, of course, Barney. What did you expect? Barney's not pleased. "I bet you guys have been laughing at me behind my back the whole time." Marshall says, "Actually, in a weird way, we both think you're kind of perfect for each other." Marshall and Lily have even been making it a point to sit on the same side of the booth so that Robin and Barney will end up sitting together. Barney admits that he thinks that's so sweet, and then takes on a gruff tone. "But let's be clear. I don't love her. Okay? I just miss her when she's not around, I think about her all the time and I imagine us one day running towards each other in slow motion. And I'm wearing a brown suede vest." Ixnay on the est-vay, Arney-Bay. Marshall wonders if Barney will ever tell Robin how he feels, and Barney again treats us to his inner Sméagol. "No. Maybe. Never. I don't know." Barney tries to get the last drop of booze from his glass but it's empty. "Look, I just need to get that PJ idiot away from her. If Lily were here, she'd know exactly how to get rid of him." Marshall offers to help, but Barney points out that he's no Lily. "Lily is a diabolical puppet master, subtly manipulating every situation to get exactly what she wants." Quiet down, children. We're observing the increasingly rare continuity bird in its once-natural habitat. Bow your heads in respectful silence and pray that we'll see her and her entire flock grace our shores someday soon. Like next episode. Barney doesn't hear me. He just keeps talking about Lily, and making me miss her even more. "She's pure evil, Marshall. ...You got a good one there. Hang on to her." YEAH, MARSHALL.

Ted's: PJ walks in with a bouquet of roses and a letter in hand. He's greeted by Ted trying to pull him into a wisdom walk, and by Robin taunting him that she took the bathroom key without permission. And bless the PYT's young heart, he's had enough of both of them. "Look... you guys are both great, but the truth is I'm taking another job." He holds up the flowers and the letter. "These are for you." Turning, he says, "Robin, I hope this letter offers some closure," and hands her the envelope. He then gives Ted the bouquet. "Ted, I'm really going to miss you." Hee. Not worth it, but still, hee. Thank you PYTPJ, for ripping off the bandage. I work at home if you find yourself in need of another... position.

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