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Night Falcon

This was filled with a lot of the chaos and silliness that I typically enjoy (and I did like elements of "No Questions Asked"), but with only a handful of episodes left in the series, it is getting frustrating that they are bringing up new things instead of actually moving the plot forward in any sort of way. It's also frustrating that they spend a lot of time showing just how terrible Robin and Barney are as a couple when the whole point of this entire season is to get to their wedding. Having Robin want a 21-gun salute (and we're not even going to get into the logistics of Canadians bringing weapons across the border) and Barney want doves only served to demonstrate how little they actually know about each other. Sure there was the after-school special lesson in there about how they need to communicate, but these are things they should have figured out long before they were hours away from saying "I do."

The whole set-up is that Marshall realizes that Lily hasn't seen the text message from last week and wants to get it off of Lily's phone before she sees it. So he enlists the help of Robin, Barney and Ted and apparently six other people, but lord only knows who they were and if they were even at the inn since we've only seen a handful of familiar faces so far. When they initially grumble about doing this "No Questions Asked" task, Marshall reminds them that he's done it for them. Then we see him helping Ted out of a mailbox, Barney at the ER with a stomach full of real Lucky Charms (and pooping his pants in public), and Robin masquerading as the vigilante Night Falcon (which is potentially the most interesting thing we've seen on this show in a while, given Smulders' Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D. life outside this show, so of course that means we're not allowed to learn more about it).

Instead of just walking into Lily's room (the door is unlocked due to the ghost/lazy innkeeper), they all come up with ridiculous schemes that involve terrifying her and giving her a $400 room service bill. With friends like theseā€¦

They finally delete the message, but then Marshall realizes he's being a dick to the one person who is always honest with him (though we wonder if he knows about that time she got duct-taped and held hostage by her kindergarteners) and decides to confess. We see her simmering with rage as we exit the episode.

For me, the highlight of the episode (aside from Robin in the spandex unitard) was all of the ghost stuff. I find it hard to believe that Lily is just finding out at, like, 10 PM that Marshall has booked them into the haunted room, but because of the spot-on parody of those ridiculous ghost shows, I'm going to let it slide. The reenactment of this Farhampton legend on that ghost channel was perfect, right down to a crew member being in the shot and the fact that a network is entirely dedicated to ghost-hunting lore. The persnickety desk manager blaming all of the room's faults (cold temperature, door that doesn't lock, missing mini-bar, etc.) on the ghost was less amusing.

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