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Having My Baby

Marshall and Lily's sly looks at one another answer Barney's question, as does Saget!Ted, who explains that when you're 30ish and in a couple, you start to see babies everywhere. Flashback to Lily and Marshall sitting on the Dowistrepla stoop, oohing and ahhing as women push carriages down the sidewalk - first one baby, then twins, then triplets. I went to church with a guy who was a triplet. His mother had her babies like that, first a singleton, then twins, then triplets. I like to imagine she then performed the first at-home vasectomy on his father. I always wanted children (and have three), but if I'd seen triplets when my husband and were first discussing starting our family, that would have sent me running for an IUD, a tubal ligation, and a hysterectomy, on my way to the pharmacy to pick up my birth control pills and a box of sponges. Triplets outnumber you from the start. Anyhow, next a mom walks by with a baby in one of those front-pack baby carriers. She's got a dog, which is soon followed by four adorable puppies. Marshall says, "Oh, come on." In these days of pooper-scooper laws, I think I'd go for the baby before I went for the dog. Eventually, the baby's going to take care of its own excretions.

Saget!Ted explains that Marshall and Lily's baby fever is being helped along by their new neighbor Charlotte and her baby, Jeremy. As Lily and Charlotte talk, Marshall (whose hair looks worse than it did in MacLaren's) holds Jeremy on his lap. "Did you lose a sock there, little dude?" Marshall retrieves the sock from the floor. "Oooh, that is without a doubt the cutest little thing I've ever seen." Lily looks distracted as Charlotte coos and comes over to retrieve Jeremy, but soon Marshall and Lily share a warm look. That night, they have the talk. Lily tries to be serious and responsible, wondering about their work schedules and their debt, but Marshall's in full on baby thrall. I blame the sock. He finally says, "Let's have a baby." Lily doesn't answer, but they kiss, and Marshall lays her down on the couch. She says, "Ooh, right now? Oh-okay," as Marshall chuckles.

Saget!Ted says there was just one thing in their way, as Robin walks into the room, wearing her jammies, carrying what looks to be a bottle of beer and a quart of ice cream. "Scooch over. I TiVoed The View." Saget!Ted adds, "And that thing happened to be unemployed and sleeping on their couch." Robin then pours her drink onto her ice cream and starts mixing it in, so I'm going to decide right here and now that it's root beer, because the thought that it could be regular beer is making me gag. When Marshall asks Robin how the job and apartment search is going, she snarks, "Oh you didn't hear? I'm the lead anchor on CNN. And? I got a penthouse, overlooking Central Park, made of gold. Get your head out of your ass, Marshall." I like slightly depressed and edgy Robin. She cuts some of the Marshall/Lily sweetness - like bacon with your pancakes. Saget!Ted says Marshall and Lily realized if they were going to start a family, the had to plan ahead.

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