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Having My Baby

Back at GNB, Marshall begins his teleconference with China, only to see Lily rolling down the hallway backwards in an office chair powered only by her drunkenness and an ejaculating fire extinguisher. Marshall says, "Whoa," and then tries to cover that he just thinks Nolan looks nice today. Lily comes back down the hallway, performing a suggestive pantomime. Nolan notices that Marshall keeps looking out into the hallway and asks what he's looking at. Marshall says, "I am looking at the future of our two companies and it looks very..." Lily has disrobed and peeks from behind the corner, waving her nightie in the air. "Naked. Excuse me, just for a brief second." My word, I hope he keeps this job. Their debt has me tense. In this economy? I'd let her flap in the breeze, and would deny ever having met her. It's not like she has I.D. tucked in her belly button. Nolan is freaked when Marshall walks out. Via teleconference, Mr. Li says, "Did anyone else see the drunk chick?"

At MacLaren's the guys present Barney a picture of himself -- with no kids -- framed in a macaroni art frame. Robin returns to the table where Ted is seated, announcing that Lily wasn't in the ladies' room. Ted tells her that her phone rang while she was gone, so he answered it. "I hope you don't mind." Robin says she doesn't. It was Marshall saying he has Lily and that she's fine. And I'm sure she is, but how's his career? Ted's eyes take on a soft look as he regards Robin, smiles and nods. She says, "What?" Ted tells her that when he was putting her phone back, he found something else in her bag. Robin says, "I have a permit for that. And the other thing was a gift!" Ted says, "No. This," and takes out the baby sock. Robin is speechless. Ted tilts his head and gloats, in a sweet way. "You stole Jeremy's sock." Robin denies taking it at first, but finally admits it. She picks up the sock and gazes at it. "It's cute. Sock." Ted asks if she's warming to the idea of having children. Robin says, "No. I don't know. Maybe someday. When I'm like seventy. Science will catch up." Maybe so, but you won't be able to keep up. Having a baby only takes nine months and one very hard day. Being a mother is forever. Robin tries again. "Look, I'm just confused lately. I'm unemployed. I'm living on a couch." Ted acknowledges it's been a rough couple of months for both of them, then invites Robin to move into his spare bedroom until she finds a place. Robin says, "Really?" Ted says, "Yeah." I say, "Rebound Sex Five!" Robin says she already has some leads so it will only be a couple of weeks at most. Saget!Ted says, "And that's how your Aunt Robin moved in with me." We'd better get the goat story this year. I'm just saying.

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