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And so no. Just no. Barney was always a rake with a heart of gold. Now he's a caricature of himself. Neil Patrick Harris is a wonder. Barney Stinson is a repulsive, self-absorbed dick. I hope, I really hope that this is the episode that brings him back to where he was, just even mid-season 4. But I'm not counting on it. I hate, though, to leave the weecap on that note, so instead, I'll leave it on these...


ANITA: Nothing sexier than a man in a fine cravat.
BARNEY: Except for a woman who appreciates a fine cravat.
ANITA: How about we just call it a tie.

ANITA (pawing Barney's suit): Is this cashmere?
BARNEY: Cashmere?! It's virgin Merino -- the fibers in this suit are less than 12 microns thick.
ANITA: 12 microns? I love a tiny fiber.
BARNEY: Well, you're in luck, 'cause mine's the tiniest, and the more you touch it, the softer it gets.

Ted's Gooey And Romantic Musical Number
You don't have to take her to Paris or Peru
(Barney [spoken]: Uh Ted, whaaaaat are you doing?)
You just have to make her understand
(Barney [spoken]: Ted, people are looking at us.)
What she means to you
(Barney [spoken]: Oh God, really? Really? You're really going to do this right now?)
On your Super Date...
Troubles of the world will simply have to wait
For wonders and amazement served up on a silver plate.
Hurry up now, don't be late.
'Cause hand in hand you'll find a land
Where paradise awaits.
(Ted [spoken]: And then, BOOM! Fireworks over the Manhattan skyline. You kiss her.)
And that's your Super Date!

MARSHALL: So, tonight's the big night. Where's the D-Bag taking you? [A beat.] That's not a good nickname for Don. I'll think of a better one.

BARNEY: I can't believe Robin's been so upset.
MARSHALL: I can't believe you threw up in your Storm Trooper helmet.
BARNEY: Eh. I did something worse in it, after the Phantom Menace

After hitting up the forums, brush up your Barney in our HIMYM Dictionary.

Cindy McLennan feels like Barney's helmet after The Phantom Menace. Tell her why she's wrong at CynthiaMcLennan[at], or on Twitter.

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