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Canadian Sex Acts

Ted walks in -- to, er... kill all the fun. He tells the gang about the woman in the GNB elevator, and how she said the new HQ project was canceled a month ago. Barney and Marshall do the I-think-we-should-tell-him, but I-don't-want to-tell-him act for a moment. After some bad attempts at lying, Marshall finally tells the truth. In a flashback, we learn that a few weeks ago, Bilson called him and Barney in to tell them that the new HQ building plans have been scrapped, as has anything that's been deemed non-essential, because the recession is killing them. "And I have a lot of tough choices to make at the bi-quarterly retreat in Saint Croix." O HAI BANKING INDUSTRY! Marshall knows Ted will be "devastated." Bilson says, "Not when it comes from his best friend," and in unison, Marshall and Barney both say, "I have to tell him?" And we cut to...

MacLaren's: Barney and Marshall are at the bar, having their standing argument about which one is Ted's best friend, but the twist is, this time each of them proclaims the other to be "best friend." Neither guy wants to tell Ted that his major project has been canceled. When Ted enters the bar, complaining about how Bilson's always shutting him down, the guys try to convince Ted to quit the gig, but Ted scoffs at this, because his firm just laid off another architect. Bilson may be a pain, but Ted doesn't want to be out of a job. Barney tries to deliver the bad news, but Marshall turns it into a compliment on his recent work. Ted soon decides to go back to the apartment and continue his design. As he leaves, he says, "I've got to find a way to introduce some wood into Bilson's dark atrium." This gives Marshall and Barney pause, so Ted turns back to them and says, "I think you know what I mean." Heh. Anyhow, after he's gone, Marshall suggests that that since GNB will be paying Ted's firm a while longer, they should string Ted along for a little while. Okay, Marshall puts it more nicely than that, but that's what the logic boils down to. Barney shows Marshall that he's not up to the task of orchestrating a long, complicated lie alone, so he ends up taking the lead on this new "project" and they're off and running. We flash forward to...

MacLaren's: Ted laments the fact that he just got screwed by his best friends and didn't even know it. Since she's still surfing the website, Lily says, "In Canada, that's called a 'Sneaky Snow Plow.'" Barney's P.C. is now serving to cover those parts of Ms. Hannigan's pregnant belly that the booth can't hide. Lily feels badly enough for Ted, but wants to get back to the Canadian sex acts. She then makes her first guess as to Robin's secret: "Bryan Adams; he collects baseball cards; and he wanted to do a Greasy Kayak." Then she hiccups, poor thing. Barney puts out Wayne Gretsky, vintage Hot Wheels and a Squatting Eskimo as his guess. That's not it, either. Marshall says, "Kiefer Sutherland, souvenir shot glasses and a Sticky Flapjack?" Robin says, "No, that I would have done." Hmmm. Is Kiefer sober? Is he whispering? What? Inquiring minds want to know.

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