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Canadian Sex Acts

Thank goodness it's over. You know, I should explain a bit about my grading. I assign the grade to an episode right after I've watched it, before I've thought about it, re-watched it, picked it apart, looked for links, etc. I assign the grade even before the recaplet. I do this, because it's a TV show -- and although watching and writing about TV shows is an assignment for entertainment writers, TV shows are not built to be an assignment. They're meant to entertain, inform, or otherwise engage you for a half-hour, or hour, or whatever. So, to me, it's always seemed unfair to think too hard when I'm choosing my grade. That's why I originally gave this episode a "B." But in retrospect, it doesn't deserve it. I must have been in an unusually good mood Monday night, because... just "no." I'm changing my grade to C-, and honestly, I think that's generous. Oh, maybe it's a "B" when compared to episodes of other sitcoms, but when I compare it with other episodes of HIMYM, especially ones like last week's, it just pales. So, there you go. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this was just a blip and the show will get its groove back, next time. Until then, try not to hit anyone with a chair.

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Did you love "Old King Clancy"? If so, please feel free to tell Cindy why. You can reach her at CynthiaMcLennan[at], and tell her what a downer this weecap was.

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