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Ducking Wabbits

End Tag: On the set of her show, Don apologizes to Robin for the other night. After she left, he was embarrassed. "Not because I was naked; I'm actually pretty okay with my body." Robin smirks. "Clearly." Don explains that he got married while still in college and just got divorced three months ago, and has no idea how to be single. What he's embarrassed about though, is his behavior at work. "You are a tremendous news anchor." Oh, he must be smitten. "And you deserve a co-anchor who gives a crap. From here on out, that's going to be me." Robin says she'll believe it when she sees it. Don tells her she's going to see it right now. "I'll go get you some coffee." He rises and starts off. Robin takes a look at him. "Don! You're wearing pants." Don magically grows a golden, glowing bill, right on his face. I AM NOT MAKING A METAPHOR! It even moves when he talks. "Well, look at that." She looks away from him and says, "Oh... duck."

Hey, before you go, vote for rabbit or duck on the poll, over on the righthand side, and grade the episode, up top. Next week is a re-run, so come on over to the forum, put your feet up, and relax. I'll be there as soon as I take one more call.

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