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Ducking Wabbits

Ted says that (Robin's scene) is what free will gets you and he's done with it. "I want what Ranjit has. I've spent my entire adult life looking for the perfect woman, and I'm spending Valentine's Day scrubbing the toilet." Oh, Ted if I weren't already taken, I think that would have just won me over. I'd even take bathroom duty, if he'd just take care of the laundry and dusting. "I need someone else to find me that woman. Marshall, Lily -- arranged-marriage me." Marshall and Lily look like they've just won the lottery. YKW walks by in the background clicking through text messages and freaking out. Commercial.

Marshall and Lily can't believe their luck. Marshall asks Ted if he's sure. He is. There are two sides to dating -- picking and getting picked. He sucks at the former, but is good at the latter. "Ladies love Teddy Westside." Marshall points at him. "You're waiting for me to comment on your 'self-assigned nickname'." He pauses for a moment. "Well here's my comment: I LOVE IT! [...] Teddy Westside? Continue!" Teddy Westside continues, saying Marshall and Lily are the best pickers he knows -- they picked each other. Aw. He tells them to get out there and find him a girl. They can double-date on Valentine's Day, and Ted will marry her. "If she's cool with it -- and she will be, 'cause I'll wear my nice blazer." Marshall nods. "I love that blazer... almost as much as Robin loves Don." Robin protests, so Marshall says that the part of the brain where hate lives is right next to the part, "that makes you want to jump people's bones. The two responses are so similar, it's hard to tell them apart." Did anyone else flash to Turk and Carla in Scrubs: Baby, are you angry when we have sex. Yeah. That was a funny episode. Ahem. Ted breaks in. "You know what it's like? I have to get a book. Give me 30 seconds."

22 Minutes Later: Ted rushes back in with 1001 Optical Illusions. A quick search netted me no results on whether it's a real book, so I'm thinking it's not. The illusion he shows the gang is real, though (well, it's an illusion that exists outside the show). It's the picture on this web page: This morning, when I first woke up, I tried to figure out how to draw on my new Mac, and couldn't, so I searched for Mac-friendly freeware and downloaded Paintbrush for Mac, finger-drew this [link] and this [link], and opened a blog, on which to publish them. I... um... could have just used Google. Next time, I'll have coffee before I set out to offend the arts. On the plus side, I did all that in half the time that it took Ted to find his book.

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