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Ducking Wabbits

Don's Building: As Ted and Robin look for the apartment, he mentions that he doesn't want to crowd Robin on her date, so he has an escape plan prepared, in case things heat up with her and Don. "I'll just say, 'Well, I've got a dinner rez' and then wait... this is the best part; I've been working on this for a while: 'I'll duck out'." Robin fakes laughter and says that's not going to happen. "But... yeah, do that." Instead of knocking, she then opens the door to Don's apartment, because it's a party, I guess. And Don's sitting all alone on the couch -- buck nekkid. When he sees Robin, Don jumps up and covers his privates -- with a heart-shaped box of chocolate. When he sees Ted, he screams, crouches and searches for cover. Ted gestures behind himself with his thumb. "Well, I've got a dinner rez," and he's gone. Robin stands there speechless and we cut to commercial.

Don quickly puts on his robe as Robin asks what the hell he was doing. Don says he doesn't know. "It's something called The Naked Man. I read about it on some guy's blog," (scroll down to the 11/24/2008 entry). Don feels stupid for thinking a scam like that could work on someone like Robin. Since it once so very much worked on someone exactly like Robin, Robin sputters about her standards and then wisely changes the subject. "I thought this was a party." Don only said that to get Robin to come over. "I didn't think you'd bring a date." Robin clarifies that Ted's not her date -- just a friend. Don worries that Robin now thinks he's probably some kind of playboy. And in an amusing bit of visual punning, Robin imagines bunny ears appearing on Don's head. They droop down sadly, as she answers, "You could say that." We sideways whoosh to...

Ted's Apartment. Ted tries to console Robin over finding out Don's a rabbit, after all. Robin snaps on rubber gloves as she says, "Ted, this may hurt a little." Hold the phone. What's she going to do to the poor little duckling? Oh, never mind. She clears that right up. She's going to recycle his old architecture magazines and otherwise clean the apartment. "You go on your date. Happy Valentine's Day." A funny look comes over Ted's face. Robin smiles and looks down. Ted's return smile looks full of regret. We cut to...

Manhattan Street: Ted meets up with Marshall and tells him maybe they should call off the whole thing. Marshall says he can't. They found a girl. "We were searching all week," liar "and a couple of hours ago..."

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