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After the Bro-keup

Next morning. Ted answers the apartment door. It's Stella. She's wearing a very low-cut purple dress. She tells Ted she overreacted the night before. She admits that Ted was right about her getting scared about the relationship. She says she's not going to let it happen this time. "Ted -- I'm in," she says. Ted jokes that it's awkward because he has a girl in the apartment. They kiss. "Come on," Stella says, "there's something that I'm ready to do with you." She pulls Ted out into the hall. We cut to Stella's apartment. She walks a cute little blonde girl out to the living room to meet Ted. Lucy shakes Ted's hand. SagetTed says that they thought their relationship was going to take a big step that weekend. It turns out, he says, that it took an even bigger one.

Later, Lucy has been put to bed. Ted tells Stella that her little girl is great. Stella says that her sister's still in town for another day and there's a motel just down the turnpike. The two run off camera, though I'm not sure to where because the sister's not there yet. We cut immediately to a motel bed. The two of them are naked and have already done the deed. Stella says that was amazing. Ted reaches for the phone. He says he has to call Marshall and Lily to tell them about this. Stella, smiling, kicks Ted out of bed.

See you next week when Britney Spears returns.

-- Omar G. is a journalist and comic living in New Braunfels, Texas. You can find him on Terribly Happy, Space Monkeys! and at

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