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Stella Is Not The Mother, M'Kay?

The end tag was my favorite. Oh, and the "Cecelia" chart. And you know what else? Ted meeting up with Stella. She's not the mother. We saw earlier this season that if he'd married Stella, his kids would have been blonde. But really, that's not the biggest reason. Ted and Stella weren't getting married for the right reasons. They were getting married because they wanted to be married people, and because Stella's sister's wedding fell through and they didn't want to waste her deposit money. Stella literally left Ted at the altar, and we saw her reunite with the father of her child. And we later saw her, him and their child -- as a happy family unit. So did Ted. Stella's just another one of the steps that will lead Ted to the mother. And that's all right with me. So take a deep breath, relax, and think about all of the steps that have mattered in Ted's life. Rooming with Marshall in college. Moving to NYC with Marshall and Lily. Meeting Barney. Falling in love with Robin. Falling out of love with Robin and learning to be friends with her. Almost marrying Stella. Not marrying Stella. Living -- as friends -- with Robin. Starting his own business. Then think about Barney's "What's next" -- because that's way more exciting. Woooo!

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