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At GNB, Marshall gives a presentation, and I'll notice that, in contrast to Robin's assessment of Barney's conquest list, the group around the conference table has some ethnic diversity. However, THEY'RE ALL MALE. What's up with that, Show? Marshall introduces his idea of setting up a shell corporation in Bermuda to minimize losses (and save the suits some jail time) and goes to whip out his charts, but his portfolio is empty. He panics and calls Ted, asking what happened to them. Ted says, "We flushed your stash, man." When Marshall gets all demand-y, Ted says, "You're doing charts at work?" Don't worry, Ted. A big outfit like GNB must have an Employees Assistance program. Marshall explains that he needs them for a presentation and this could cost him his job. Ted tells him to sit tight and promises to bring them to him. Marshall tells him to hurry. "I'll try to think of a way to stall them." Back in the conference room, Marshall explains there's been a delay with the charts and then realizing he has to keep the group's attention, he launches into his fish-based stand-up routine.

Meanwhile, Ted races out to the alley to search the dumpster for Marshall's charts. While digging through the trash, he hears Milt, the local homeless man (played by the voice of Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta) offering some charts for sale. They're Marshall's charts. Ted tries to buy them off him, but Milt, who has his earphones plugged into a grapefruit is asking a million dollars for them. Ted tries to talk sense to Milt. Who has his earphones plugged into a grapefruit. Naturally, Milt doesn't play along, and who's crazier, now, Teddy my boy? Crazy like a fox, Ted says he'll give Milt a million bucks, but since his ATM (Milt: "Alien Time Machine") has a withdrawal limit, he will give Milt one dollar a day for a million days. Milt says, "That's 2,700 years." Ted says, "Yeah." TheItGirl from our HIMYM forum says, "According to WikiAnswers, it's 2,739.73 years, and he said 2,700. Not bad for a guy listening to a grapefruit iPod." Milt says, "Deal" and they shake on it. After Ted takes off with Marshall's charts, Milt pockets his buck and says, "Sucker." Hee.

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