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The Emotional Equivalent Of An English Degree
ix simple words from her dad: 'Robin. I'm. Proud. Of. You. Eh?'" Whee! Ted screams, "YES!" but then tries to play hard to get with Barney, saying he's right, he hasn't learned anything. As Ted walks out of the classroom, Barney climbs atop his chair. "O captain! My captain!" Ted turns and he and Barney lock eyes. The camera pans out to give us a full look at this momentous scene, then zooms in on Ted. "How good was Dead Poet's Society?" Barney says, "I know! Right? The end? Tears..."

The Apartment: Robin says her deepest need in life is not to have her father tell her, "Robin, I am proud of you. Eh?" Marshall asks her why she's crying, and she issues a tearful denial, while Lily offers to get her some butterscotch. Robin gets her emotions in check and realizes that Ted and Barney are having their little class, right now. She's going to crash it.

Classroom: Ted's showing a slide of a sleeping Robin hogging all the covers. I give my husband a pointed look. He pretends not to notice -- 'til I also give him the thumbs up. After Ted informs Barney that Robin is a textbook coverhog, he asks, "Any questions." From the back of the classroom, Robin says, "Yeah, I have one." Ted says, "Yes, Robin..." and then he and Barney turn to see Robin, Lily, and Marshall standing there. They gasp at the look on Robin's face. After the break, Barney tries to distract her with Emperor Penguin talk, but she must have been expecting it, so instead, the guys turn on Marshall for selling them out. When Marshall explains he's vulnerable because he said goodbye to a dear friend, Robin tells him to get over it -- it was just a barrel, and Ted says, "Aw, you're giving Mabel away." Marshall covers his mouth with his hands, in an attempt not to cry. Robin won't be distracted this time -- until she realizes that another guy is in the room. His name is "Shin Ya." Ted explains that he's auditing the class. This calms Robin not at all. She's particularly mad at Ted for putting himself out there as some sort of Robin expert. When Ted demands proof that he's not, we flash back to Robin's version of the story about the erogenous zone on her left knee. She's totally faking it, because the whole thing is just so weird to her. Barney laughs at Ted, so she addresses him next, telling him how she thought he was cheating on her, and how she broke into his briefcase and found the notebook. When Barney calls her out for the privacy violation, she looks to the giant picture on the wall of her sleeping, and back to him. He realizes what he's doing is even creepier and tells her to go on. She sums it up by saying he is cheating in a way, because he's looking for a crib sheet, instead of trying to get to know her in an honest way. She throws the (note)book at him, and stomps out of the class. The subtitles tell us that Shin Ya says that since it looks like things are done with Barney and Robin, he'd like to take a run at her.

MacLaren's: Ted and Robin have a heart-to-heart at MacLaren's. He realizes he shouldn't have shared their personal moments with Barney. She's impressed he remembers so much about her. Ted says it's funny how much you learn about a person when you're dating. "When you date someone, it's like you're taking one long course in who that person is, and then when you break up, all that stuff becomes useless. It's the emotional equivalent of an English degree." He was trying to put his Robin-knowledge to good use. Robin asks Ted if she's fooling herself with the whole Barney thing. Ted says he doesn't know. He's seen Barney work hard to get women and to get rid of them, but he's never before seen him work so hard to keep one. Later still, Barney and Robin also have a heart-to-heart, on the apartment stoop of reconciliation (see Lily and Marshall). He tosses the Robin notebook away. It lands on top of Mabel. He then tells Robin he was afraid he'd screw things up and she would dump him. Robin laughs, shakes her head, gives him a little smile and says, "You're an idiot." Barney speaks Robin now, so his face lights up at that. They kiss until she remembers how much personal info is in the Robin notebook, including her address. When they turn to get it, it's gone -- lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Mabel, however, stands watching on the curb. Marshall calls down from Ted's apartment. "If you don't want the barrel, can you sit somewhere else, because you're scaring away potential takers." Barney and Robin turn and look up at Marshall, and give him the...thumbs up.

End tag: Ted's teaching his (day) class, and lectures on the Flatiron building. When he forwards the slide projector to the next slide, the class titters and one young woman interrupts to point out that the next shot is of a woman, drinking beer. On the toilet. ROBIN! Ted lies that it's a shot of architect Daniel Burnham's wife, calling her a troubled woman and moves on. Fade to black.

See you next week, with "The Sexless Innkeeper." No, I'm not going to start sharing the recaps with someone -- that's just the title of the next episode. In the meantime, join the discussion on the boards, and check out Barney's official Twitter page.

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