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We cut immediately to a future time at the bar as Robin explains she got a second chance. She explains to her friends that Simon showed up at her apartment. He tells her that there's unfinished business between them and that he made a huge mistake breaking up with her. He asks her out on a date. At the bar, Lily loves this story and thinks it's perfect for Robin to get revenge. "FINISH HIM!" Barney offers. Robin's reaction to the date proposal is a giddy, "I'd love to!" Cut back to Barney going, "Oooohhhhhh wonk wonk." Ha, the Pac-Man sound. But the arcade version, not the Atari 2600 noises.

MacLaren's. Nobody can believe Robin's going on a date with Simon. Robin says it was 10 years ago (just 10 years?). She says people evolve. Robin asks if Lily is the same person she was in high school. Just then, a hot African-American woman, Michelle, walks in, and Lily goes into cringeworthy hip-hop talk mode. "Awwww, Hell no!" Lily says as she goes to greet her friend. Marshall tells Barney that he's going to enjoy this. It goes like this:

Lily: That my girl Michelle?
Michelle: Bitch, you know it!
Lily: How she livin'?
Michelle: She livin' the only way she know how to! Large!
Lily: Awwwww girl, you gots to get your drink all up in there!
Michelle: I'm hoping my fat ass can hustle me up a vodka-Gatorade!
Lily: For reals!

Good lord! My ears! Lily does an air snap and they go walk to the bar together. Nobody else in the bar seems to notice the crime against humanity that just occurred. Barney wants Michelle around all the time and even offers not to sleep with her if that's what it takes. Oh, supreme sacrifice. Barney instantly decides to seduce Michelle instead.

Robin, wearing a worn T-shirt, is checking out Simon's awful, aged band. She sits on the floor jamming. They finish a song and Robin cheers and whoops. Simon asks if Robin liked it when after his bass solo he threw his pick at her. Robin says it rocked. Simon needs his pick back. Robin can't find it, but Simon says she can find it later. Robin says she wishes she didn't have to go to work the next day. Simon says she has to because he wants her to play their demo on her newscast. Robin tries to explain that it's the news. Simon uses his Canadian charm to convince her that she should play three of their songs on the air. Cut to Robin on the news introducing a segment for pet adoption called Puppy Corner. Photos of cute dogs are shown with a rock song blaring, "MURDER!" The video text says the song is "Murder Train" by The Foreskins. They're currently seeking representation. Heh. More murder lyrics. "Adopt us today!" a cute animation tells us.

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