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MacLaren's. The group is not happy with Robin. Robin explains that a lot of people adopted those puppies. She adds that it might have been because they thought the puppies were about to be murdered. Marshall says Robin's revertigo is affecting her work. Ted says it's a made up word with no meaning, but Lily says it reminds her of what someone in their group does. Marshall tries not to laugh. Lily says she's talking about Ted. Lily talks about Ted and his friend Punchy. Ted says his friend is named Adam Punciarello and he doesn't do that. Side-whoosh to Adam arriving at the apartment and Ted answering the door. His friend Punchy and he start wrestling immediately. They only stop when Ted says, "Sorry about your dad." "Yeah, it was a real shock," Punchy says, sadly. Robin watches all this in disgust.

Ted can't believe Lily of all people is saying this. "Why?" she asks. "No reason," Ted says, dropping the subject. Robin says the truth is she likes Simon. She has fun with him. Lily says they're worried about Robin. She asks if there's a version where Lily and Marshall don't sound like her parents. They go into parental mode. Lily takes the mom role and forbids Robin to see Simon. Robin gets mad. "This is my life! You just don't get it! You never felt the way I feel!" Marshall says they were once young and in love like her. "Yeah, like a billion years ago," Robin says. Lily says Robin's been drinking. They all have. Lily bought the last round. Lily forbids Robin from going to a show. Robin says she's going and after the show, she's going all the way with Simon. Robin storms off. Lily turns angrily to Marshall and says coldly, "Thanks for your help." Ted tries to start telling a story about something that happened at work. "NOT NOW, TED!" Marshall snaps at him.

A familiar scene. Robin is pushing band equipment to the same Foreskins van after a show, only now she's grown up. Her accent has crept back as she tells Simon it was a great show. He bangs on the van's ceiling and asks why he can't always feel this alive. Robin starts loading up the van. She likes seeing him this happy. He takes her hand and says, "About that...listen babe. It's over." He's getting back with Louise Marsh. Again. Robin thinks it's a joke. It's not. She can't believe he's breaking up with her in the same van for the same girl. She asks if it's because of the pool again. Simon says her parents do have a jacuzzi. Wow. Them's the breaks, Robin.

At MacLaren's, everyone (except for Barney, who is absent) is feeling bad for Robin. Lily calls Simon a "dawg," for reals. Michelle, it turns out, it sitting right next to her. She gives Lily some slide-hand and agrees: "Fo' real!" She says he's a scrub. Lily goes to the bar to get her "champagne and grape soda on." Ted asks Michelle how Columbia is going. "Great!" she says in a normal voice, "I'm almost done with my dissertation!" She's getting a PhD in behavioral psychology. Robin begins to offer an observation, but Michelle already knows what she's going to say and tells her that Lily just brings out that side of her. She says there's a term for it. "Revertigo?" Marshall asks hopefully. "No," Ted tells him. Michelle says it's Associative Regression. Lily puts on a hip-hop song on the jukebox and Michelle reverts back to earlier times as she and Lily get up and dance. Awesome.

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