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SagetTed explains that one-by-one everyone had to go home. Everybody but Robin fades away. They left her at the bar alone? Robin, pretty drunk, starts to cry a little. Barney slides into the booth across from her and admits that he can't find her video. He notices her tears. He asks what's wrong. Robin tells him that Simon dumped her in his van after the show. Barney says that was 10 years ago. She says it happened again. Barney starts to chuckle, but he instantly gives her an "Awww" and goes to her side of the booth to comfort her. He puts an arm around her and offers her a shoulder as she cries. Robin, teary, says that when she was 16, she was vulnerable and open to things. Barney rubs her shoulder. He looks a little turned-on. Robin says she wanted to feel that way again. She wanted to be 16. Barney tells her that's the stupidest thing that's ever come out of her mouth. He says he's watched the first Robin Sparkles video 1,000 times. He says he's watched it because she was totally, totally lame back then. He tells her, "Ka-pow!" and that she's the most awesome person he's ever met. Well, second. Robin thinks he's talking about himself. Barney corrects her: it's actually this guy who lives in a place called The Mirror. What up! Barney tells Robin that she's way more awesome than Simon ever will be. Robin asks Barney if he'd like to come to her place. "Your place?" he asks. She whispers in his ear. Barney looks surprised.

Cut to Robin's couch. Barney looks terrified. He asks if she's sure she wants to do this. She does. She asks Barney not to tell anyone about this. He agrees. "Should I just...put it in?" he asks. Hee. "Yeah, why not?" Robin asks. Barney opens up a VHS tape case. He pops it into a VCR. Robin hits play on the remote. It's the Robin Sparkles video!

From Make it Sparkle, it's "Sandcastles in the Sand" on Dominant Records. Robin Sparkles, wearing a long white dress, walks along the beach. "Met you at the maaaaaall!" she sings. Present-Day Robin explains that this was her big artistic follow-up to "Let's Go to the Mall." Barney is entranced. "It kinda tanked," she says. In the video, we've gone to black and white. Teen Robin and Teen Simon are frolicking. Three girls in schoolgirl outfits are the Greek chorus. The one in the middle says, "You're a fool!" and is answered with, "Shut up!" "Is that Tiffany?" Barney asks. It is. Back on the beach, Robin Sparkles sings to a spinning globe. A map shows a van going from Alberta to Ontario. We cut back to the couch as Barney says it's everything he wanted and more. Eh, not so much. It's good, but not as good as "Mall," sadly. We cut back to Robin Sparkles sitting on a desk on the sand. There's a whole set of furniture there and a man sits in the background reading a newspaper. Robin sings about sandcastles in the sand. "Is that Alan Thicke?" Barney asks. It is. On screen, some handwritten text reads, "It was the greatest week and a half of my life...R+S 4EVA." Barney tells Robin that if they re-edit the video, there's a tampon commercial in there somewhere. More singing. More beach shots. Robin Sparkles and Teen Simon kiss with tongues, messily. Robin and Barney agree that she was totally lame back then. The robot shows up to cheer up Robin Sparkles. He's carrying flowers! Awww. She should just date the robot. Robin says it was her sidekick. SagetTed says that they watched the video again and again. Shots of Robin Sparkles and Teen Simon arguing. Girls jumping rope. Text that reads, "Who am I?" Sparkles sings, "Let's go all the way! I'm ready. Let's do it!" SagetTed says they watched again. "I'm on the pill now!" Robin Sparkles says. More video watching. SagetTed says they kept watching and watching until finally...they stopped watching. We see Robin and Barney kissing passionately. Whoah! Totally saw that coming. But not in this episode. A short promo advertises the full video at and on MySpace.

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