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Pictures Or It Didn't Happen!

Lily breaks out her photo album, for "a little walk down random skank lane," to prove to Ted he doesn't even remember many of the She-Might-Be-The-One girls he's dragged to their friends-only shindigs over the years. She starts a new trivia birthday party game: Name That Bitch. First, there is the one from Christmas, four years ago. Ted thinks her name might be Sandra or Sarah, but Lily points out that he's only guessing those because they sound like Santa, and this is a Christmas photo. The woman's name is actually Leilani. On New Year's Eve, 2007, there was She's-The-One Emily. At Robin's Uncle Cecil's funeral (who takes pictures of themselves mourning at a funeral?): This-Just-Proves-You-Find-The-One When-You're-Not-Looking Isabel. Lily turns to the next photo. "My appendix surgery: Robin, Marshall, Barney, Lily, Ted, and...well, this one you admitted you were just trying to bang." We cut from the picture to Lily and Ted sitting on the DOWISETREPLA couch. Lily holds up her fist. "Respect." Ted bumps it. And hey, wait a minute -- the She-Might-Be-The-Ones are skanks, but Ted gets Lily's "respect" for bringing a girl he's trying to bang to visit a post-surgical Lily in the hospital? The logic fairy must get Lily's birthday off. I hear it's a national holiday.

Barney, sitting in the chair, now has the album. "Oh hey, remember this Yoga instructor you brought to my birthday, last year?" We cut to MacLaren's and right after the gang and Yogi Dear finish singing "Happy Birthday," Barney spots Slash (from Guns N' Roses) entering the bar. Lily suggests a group shot with Slash. Cut to the picture: Yogi Dear's face blocks Slash's -- all we see is his hat and hair. Of course his hat, hair and specs usually block his face, so what really are we missing? Robin says, "You know what's funny about this picture? He was grabbing my ass." Lily giggles. "Really? He was grabbing my ass, too." Barney does not giggle. "He was grabbing my ass, too. How many hands does that guy have?" Ted: "No wonder he's such a good guitarist." Marshall (to Barney): "Actually... sorry dude. I thought that you were Lily." Barney cringes.

Robin takes the album and notices that Barney's in nearly the same pose for every shot. Even in photos years apart, he poses as if he's just adjusted his tie, and on his face he wears a cocky, devil-may-care expression. Barney says that he never has and never will take a bad picture. Even in his elementary school pictures, Barney was on (and adjusting a non-existent tie). "I always look drop-dead, stone-cold amazing, unlike Marshall who always looks dead, stoned and cold."

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