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The sun sets as the ferry leaves Shelter Island. Robin sits forlornly on a deck bench as Saget!Ted wraps up our story. "Kids, sometimes you think you're living out one story, but the truth turns out to be something else entirely." Robin looks off to her left, and her eyes widen. We cut to Ted, alone in his room at the Collective. He picks up a note card and reads it. We cut back to Robin, and Stella (who doesn't seem to see Robin), who is standing by the rail, in her wedding gown, looking like she's trying to catch her breath. Saget!Ted says, "At the time, I thought the story was about whether Robin should be at the wedding." Cut to Ted, sitting down on the bed, staring off in disbelief. Cut to Robin, who is watching as Tony comes up behind Stella, wraps his coat around her shoulders and his arms around her! Cut to my husband calling Stella a cold bitch.

Saget!Ted says, "If only I'd understood what the real story was." Stella takes Tony's hand and sinks into his embrace. Cut to Ted. Marshall appears on the bed beside him, takes the note, reads it, and puts his hand on Ted's back. We flashback to Stella, yesterday, telling Ted, "Having exes around -- I don't know -- brings up unresolved things." Cut to Ted and Marshall. Lily appears on the bed, beside them, and reads the note. She's finally dressed for a wedding. Sheeesh, Lily. Talk about too little, too late. Flashback to yesterday's Stella: " How do you know that that spark won't come back with your ex sitting out there?" Cut to Ted, Marshall and Lily. Barney appears in the room, and walks in front of them while reading the note. Yesterday's Stella says, "It's like things are not finished between you two." Cut to Barney putting his hand on Ted's shoulder. Flash to Stella, three days prior: "I wasted years trying to get Lucy's dad to decide he was ready for this." Flash to Tony, just this morning, telling Ted, "Seeing you guys has made me realize everything I had." Three days prior, Stella tells Ted, "I used to dream that Tony would be spontaneous like this." Cut to a clearly uncomfortable Robin watching Stella and Tony snuggle together at the ferry's rail. She turns to face him, and they kiss. My husband repeats himself, in case I didn't hear him the first time.

Saget!Ted says, "Seriously, kids, never invite an ex to your wedding."

And never ask Barney to call your ex. I'm just saying.

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