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This time, it's only Ted, Stella and Nora at dinner, because Stella got her wish. Goodbye Lefty, we hardly knew ye. Nora's mouth is stuffed full, but that doesn't keep her from ranting. "I hate him. I hate him. I hate him! God, this steak is so good. Four days ago, he just runs off with a vitamin consultant from Whole Foods? I gave up makeup for him. I gave up showering for him. I gave up shaving my arm pits for him." Ted says, "Hard to imagine where it all went wrong." Ted, you're so catty tonight; come sit by me. Nora, who is played by the striking Danneel Harris, is still talking with her mouth full and it's making me gag, so I'm getting my revenge by not transcribing her lines. The gist is, she can't get any refunds, is going to be out thousands of dollars, and really likes meat. Saget!Ted tells his kids that when you're in a relationship, you can develop a sort of telepathy with your partner. Stella looks at Ted, raises her eyebrows, shrugs her shoulders, and thinks, "What do you think? We could help her out." Ted looks back at her and thinks, "No, Stella. We should help her out. Let's pay for dinner." Stella's face lights up as she smiles at Ted and nods. Ted says, "Nora, don't worry. We got this." Stella says, "That's right, we'll take over your wedding; pay you back everything you've spent. Ted and I will get married this Sunday." Oh, dear. The look on Ted's face indicates he's telepathizing thusly: "Excuse me? I said dinner. What frickin' channel are you on? How do you work this contraption?" but we don't get any audio, because it's time for the...

Theme song!

Usually, only one-hour shows and films get the popcorn treatment from me, but I have a feeling this episode is popcorn-worthy, so I'm risking a batch. Don't let me down, guys. Nora leaves the table. Ted leans in toward Stella. "Wow, we're getting married this Sunday? Are we sure we're ready for this?" Stella says, "Ted, I wasted years trying to get Lucy's dad to decide he was ready for this, but he never got ready for this. That's why we never got married. Come on, let's just be spontaneous. I used to dream that Tony would be spontaneous like this." Ted's easy, as long as the carrot you're dangling in front of him hovers at an altar at the end of a long aisle, so he says he's in, not even noticing the shadow of the other guy who got there before. He also claims to be spontaneous, and throws a glass of water in his own face, then immediately wishes he hadn't done so. The foreshadowing looms so large, all the light-seeking plants in my yard die.

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