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Seated with Marshall, Lily, and Barney, Ted frets about his dilemma. Marshall sort of gets Stella's point. "Why ask a failed romance to come see your successful one? You know, it's like inviting the Seattle Mariners to a World Series game. It's just weird for everyone." I'm so glad the Red Sox are no longer the butt of that joke. Tag, Seattle. You're it. Barney insists Robin must be there. Ted says, "Right, she's like my best friend." Marshall and Barney both make with the "Hey, whoa, whoa hey," comments. Ted corrects that she's his best female friend. Lily says, "Hey. Whoa. Ahhh, I don't care. Why fake it?" Barney insists she should be there. Marshall insists she shouldn't. Ted asks Justice Aldrin for the tie-breaking vote, and I try to remember if they've called Lily that before or if I'm just thinking of the episode "Aldrin Justice." Lily says that although it wouldn't feel right not to have Robin there, you don't mess with the bride. Ted says he'll call Robin and tell her not to come, but this is going to be the worst phone conversation of all time. Barney makes his eyes-front motion at Ted, and says that since he's the co-best man, he'll take care of it. Silly Ted. When does Barney ever volunteer for an emotionally difficult task, unless it's going to serve his ulterior motives? He walks away from the group, calls Robin and asks where she is. When she says she's just heading to the airport, he says he'll see her soon. He returns to his friends and lies that he couldn't reach her; she must be on her way.

Ted says he's sort of glad, and that exes should be allowed to come to weddings. He tries to figure out how to break the news to Stella, though, because she was so adamant that exes don't belong. Lily suggests that Ted be delicate in his approach, because brides are under a lot of stress before their weddings, then claims she held it together pretty well. Marshall laughs aloud, and when Lily looks at him like he's crazy, he refreshes her memory and we flash back to 2006. Personally, I think he should have reminded her of the time she gave back his ring and took off for San Francisco, but then again I don't want to stay married to Lily. Instead, we see a few of Lily's pre-wedding freak-outs for the wedding that actually happened. The first has Lily dissolving into tears and declaring the whole thing ruined upon hearing from the florist that their roses are more light medium pink than medium pink; the second involves Lily bursting into tears upon learning that their reception site uses a gravity furnace rather than forced hot air. The third time's the charm, though. Lily runs into the apartment and says, "Blobbity blah. Wickey wah. Eeky eeky eeky eeky whee-hee-hee-hee-hee." Flash-forward to Marshall. "After a while, it's all noise." My husband Scott laughed so hard at those scenes, he almost choked, and I almost let him. Lily sympathizes with Stella, because she's had to jam months of crazy into three days. Ted doesn't know what to do, so Lily suggests he wait until the next crisis, solve it, and then talk to Stella about Robin, because then she'll say yes. Ted asks what if there isn't a next crisis. Lily and I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

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