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SagetTed fills in the details of the "Slap Bet" episode, along with clips of previous slaps. I think we're missing the one from the apartment, though. The one from the bar wasn't one of the five Marshall was awarded. We see the web site. Back at the bar, Barney says that the countdown ends at 3 PM, the day after Thanksgiving. Ted asks Barney how many days there are in October. "Uh, 30," Barney says. Does Barney not own a calendar? Ted says he thought they cleared this up. Flashback to Barney coming into the bar dressed as Borat and saying Halloween is "niiiiiice." Ted tells him it's also tomorrow. "Dammit!" Barnorat says. Back at the present time, Barney tries to get out of being slapped on Thanksgiving. "Slapsgiving," Marshall corrects. Barney asks for a ruling from Lily, the Slap Bet Commissioner. She's worried about her expensive China, but she'll allow it. Marshall beams. Barney tries to pretend he's not scared or freaked out. He fakes that Marshall showing his hand has ruined the suspense of the slap. Marshall says that at 3:01 PM on Thursday, Barney's face is going to show his hand. He strokes his own cheek for emphasis. Barney is terrified.

Robin's boyfriend Bob arrives at the bar. She tells everyone that he's a little bit older: 41. SagetTed says that Bob probably looked like this: in walks in a gray-haired but very hearty guy who greets Robin. SagetTed says that when you're broken up, you tend to exaggerate flaws. He says that he saw Bob like this: a very old man comes to the booth and says, "Hey dudes, what's crackin'?" Your hip, maybe? Bob talks about just getting off the phone with his parents, who are trying to get him to sort out his life. "Parents?" Ted asks, incredulously. Bob says he told them to "chillax" and that snowboarding is a legitimate career. I feel bad for Bob because this running gag is already gasping for breath. Live, damn you! Bob gives Robin a big kiss. They go to get a drink. Ted can't believe Robin's dating Orville Redenbacher. No one else see what Ted is talking about. Ted says he's 150 and Robin is 27. Even Barney won't bite. Lily says they're making pies at Robin's because Marshall can't be trusted overnight with an apartment full of pies. He makes the case for delicious sleep-eating. Ted asks what time they're going so he doesn't end up at Robin's alone with her.

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