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Marshall tries to point out Barney's big flaw. He can't think of anything. Marshall figures it out: Barney talks in a weird high-pitched voice sometimes. Glass shatters. Robin adds that he's constantly using lame catchphrases. More glass. Ted says Barney spaces out and doesn't pay attention to what they're talking about. Oh God, so much glass shattering! For everyone! "I'm sorry, what?" Barney asks. "You can't think of anything because I'm (high voice) aaawesome!" Robin says he did all three, just then. Ted corrects that "Awesome" is more catch-phrase than word. Shut up, Ted. Robin wants to literally tear his head off. "You mean FIGURATIVELY!" he yells. No, she literally means literally. She yells "literally" a few more times while Lily starts chewing loudly. Robin asks if she's chewing gravel. Marshall says it sounds like cufflinks going up a vacuum cleaner. Lily asks him to sing about it. Robin says he sometimes says nonsense sentences like a stroke victim. She says they're catchy: "Apple orchard, banana, cat dance 8663!" she sings. By the end, everyone's singing along. She asks what that even means, because he once sang it for three hours. Marshall realizes it's his password. "AOBCD8663." Everyone rushes to the computer. It's another video everyone likes called "golden reliever." Marshall looks. "I'm a lawyer," he says. Big cheer.

MacLaren's. Celebrating. SagetTed says that when someone's bad habit is pointed out to you, it's hard to ignore it. "I'm a lawyer now 'cause I passed the bar," Marshall sings. "I'm imposing Marshall Law on this champagne!" Robin says she's literally on Cloud 9 right now. Lily eats a pretzel and is glad he'll never have to take the bar again. Ted corrects that he'll have to if he wants to practice law in another state. Barney, high-pitched, goes, "Lawsuit up!" They all toast. SagetTed says that if you love someone enough, the bad habits are easy to forget. The Spoon song, "The Underdog" plays in the background.

Epilogue. Three years later, Ted runs into Cathy on the street. She talks and talks about how long it's been. She introduces her fiancé, Daniel. Daniel is deaf. They shake hands. Ted thinks it's a great match. Ted is not wearing a wedding ring in this scene, by the way. Ted, who does know sign language, signs, "Great, nice to meet you." Cathy offers to go on a double date and asks if Ted is dating anyone. "She sure talks a lot, huh?' he signs to Daniel. Poor Daniel looks down at the words, "(Glass shattering)" down at the bottom of the screen.

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