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The epilogue is Barney hitting on Britney at the clinic. She's telling him about this guy Ted who was playing with her emotions. Barney says he sounds like a jerk. She asks if he's going to see the doctor about his mole. Barney says it's just a Raisinet. He flicks it off his hand. Barney offers to take her to a fancy restaurant and treat her to a shopping spree. "My mom's wrong. There are nice guys in New York!" she says. Barney says they have to go by his place to see if his bed got fixed first. She asks if they can have sex on the bed and then go shopping. Ha ha! Because she's really not that innocent! Get it? Oh, show! Barney says, "I like you!" They go off together for what might be a two-minute nooner. Thanks, Britney! It was fun!

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How I Met Your Mother




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