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Marshall takes us all through his psychological journey about associating the burger with his youth and endless possibilities and that he needed one last taste of all of that, before he had to grow up and go off and work for the bank. Yada yada yada. Just then, the porn show promoter comes around the corner and offers to tell the gang where the restaurant has moved to, for just 100 bucks. Kiss my ass and take me to McDonald's. Even Robin, who's now licking the glue off the deposit envelopes, agrees. The gang grumbles that they're out of cash, and Barney points out the obvious as a choir sings the end of the Goliath National bank jingle. Again, Barney adds, "Member FDIC," because the writers decided if it worked once, it ought to work again. Which reminds me...

Who's there?
Robin who?
Robin the bank will land you in jail.

Twenty minutes later, the gang is sitting down to their burgers in the right place. Even Robin has one this time. Ted tries to prepare Marshall for disappointment, but it's unnecessary. The burger is awesome. Everyone is relieved, particularly Robin, I'd imagine. Saget!Ted tells us that Marshall got up the next morning, put on pants and went to work, and he never looked back.

End tag: Everyone's moaning with pleasure over their burgers. Robin says, "Oh my God. I just want you inside of me." The writers say, "Sexual innuendo? No, in you endo. Check!" Barney rips off a joke from 30 Rock about getting his food pregnant, and Marshall calls dibs on the baby burgers. Cut to a disappointed Regis: "This isn't it!" Everyone else is outraged. Regis starts to leave, but he's still chewing and says, "Wait, this is it. Yeah!" Everyone cheers, except the audience, who wonders why nobody on the production staff realized it would have been funnier if Regis had left, disgusted. We're all out of show, and there's a gag vanity tag for "Goliath National Bank," which might be the funniest bit of a less than stellar outing. Let's hope they get their stuff together next week. I'm running out of knock-knock jokes. Okay, okay, one more:

Who's there?
Rufus who?
Rufus falling in on the banking industry. Put your money under your mattress.

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