Suit Up for How I Met Your Mother Scoops

by Angel Cohn October 3, 2008
The Craig Thomas Interview

TWoP: And you're going into syndication...

CT: Our initial round of syndication sales has gone really well. Selling to the big markets that you start with. It takes months and months to sell to all the markets, and we'll just keep our fingers crossed for the rest of the process. But Lifetime picked up the show for cable rights. So it's great to put a show out there as a product and see that there is a strong desire for it. We're so proud of the show. We're thrilled that it will live on in other forms.

TWoP: Are you thinking ahead to Season 5? Or do you not want to get that far ahead yet?

CT: We're always thinking ahead. We shot something for our series finale in year two. We've had a little piece of footage that we shot literally in our first week of season two that is in a vault and we intent to use as part of the ending of the series. So we are always thinking ahead or planning ahead; we know certain markers along the way we want to hit. Along the way you also find stuff. We definitely are securing the ship to a specific point in the horizon.

TWoP: Great. I'm enjoying the ride.

CT: Thank you. I'm really grateful that you watch the show. I appreciate it.

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