Suit Up for How I Met Your Mother Scoops

by Angel Cohn October 3, 2008
The Craig Thomas Interview

TWoP: You must have a huge wall of connections and stories because there are so many things that you jump forward and back to?

CT: There's a lot of things. The good thing is that we've maintained a lot of the same staff for all four seasons among our writer's assistants and our writers. We have a good core group of people that have been there the whole time, so there's a good safety net for remembering what we said in episode 18. And now we're in episode 73 or whatever, and it's tracking those things. That stuff really matters to me as a fan, and whenever you do TV Without Pity it definitely reminds me of that. Every now and again there's something where we're blurring it a little bit. But we always try to make sure it makes sense.

TWoP: Yeah. Fans noticed when Barney was driving to escape someone, and before he wasn't able to drive.

CT: Yeah we talked about that a little bit. [Laughs.] That was one of those things where we kind of could explain it if we had ten minutes in court. Like, "No, 'cause in that episode he didn't, but then he worked on it, and then he could..." Ultimately it seemed a little fishy.

TWoP: We'll let that slide.

CT: Thank you very much.

TWoP: If you forget how many slaps there are going on in the slap bet, then there's going to be trouble.

CT: There's definitely people keeping count at home on that one... which is nice. It's just good to see people so involved. If they go to your site and complain about stuff, either continuity things or something they didn't think the character would do... When people get worked up and irate about it, it's actually kind of good, because it makes you realize they're invested in the show. Not that I want to piss people off. But when I read stuff and see that someone has a point, I take that into account in the writing. That person actually raised a point that I thought, too. Or maybe it's never occurred to me, but that's a good point, we should watch for that.

TWoP: It's not a passive show, like a procedural show where it's not that big of a deal.

CT: It does become kind of interactive. The internet has changed it so much. This is a way to get inside viewers' heads a little bit and see what they're thinking and what they're caring about. At times it can be painful. You know you have to put a disclaimer on it, and you realize everyone has an opinion and it can be different from your opinion. But it's cool. It's funny how worked-up people get. But then again, if it's a show I love and it suddenly starts sucking or making weird decisions, I get so pissed off. I am such a huge Buffy and Angel fan, but they had this thing [on Angel] where Angel's son comes back. Remember this?

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