Suit Up for How I Met Your Mother Scoops

by Angel Cohn October 3, 2008
The Craig Thomas Interview

TWoP: So there's all this talk about the mother, and Sarah Chalke potentially being her because she and Ted are engaged. Are you trying to throw us off the scent with her?

CT: We always knew, if we got a multiple season, that we'd want to end a season on a proposal. I think a show called How I Met Your Mother can get away with that. And it's funny. To me, this is the best prospect for the mother that we've seen and Sarah Chalke is so great. She and Josh are so great together that it's taken a different course than we thought it would when we first wrote it in the back nine last season. So we'll be seeing more of her than we even planned because of how great she is. Whether or not she's the mom, I don't want to say. But we're definitely going to go further with this relationship than we ever have with one for Ted before. You could do a lot worse than Sarah Chalke for the mom.

TWoP: I love Sarah on the show. She's fun.

CT: She's really great. We're definitely keeping the mystery alive and not saying either way. And I will say that, in writing it, it's gone a different way than I thought it would.

TWoP: I'm still holding out for the Slutty Pumpkin...

CT: That's the great thing about How I Met Your Mother. It's like a bad horror movie. No one ever dies. There's no dead ends. The door is always open. The person could come back to life. I will say this. There are long discussions in the writers room about the Slutty Pumpkin, and how that will factor into the mythology -- we definitely talk about that every season actually.

TWoP: That's probably the episode I've watched the most.

CT: Is that right?

TWoP: Yeah. Maybe the Robin Sparkles one is close. But the Slutty Pumpkin is the one that I watch when I'm having a down day.

CT: I love Ted in that one. That was such an early episode. You sort of love this poor guy standing up on a roof, you know... just hoping that he'll have this magical moment again with this woman, in such an optimistic Lloyd Dobler-ly kind of way. We're just rooting for that guy. So we definitely think the Slutty Pumpkin is alive in the mythology. You may not have seen the last of her.

TWoP: Are Marshall and Lily moving to Slantytown soon?

CT: They won't move to Slantytown right away. The back story is they've been trying to fix Slantytown and make it normal sea level town, and sort of make that apartment ready to move into. We'll see more about that, and we will move into that apartment, which creates the directions you'll see. The dynamics we get into, with different people moving around... I will say this: By Episodes 4, 5 and 6, really big changes happen in the characters' lives, and there's a lot of surprising... I'm trying to think of how to say it without giving it away... There are just a lot big events and shifts and moves going on in the character's lives all at once as we head into November sweeps after Episodes 4, 5 and 6. It was fun to write and we're just finishing shooting that arc now. It's always easier to write an episode when there's big stuff going on in the characters' lives. It just adds a weight and a reason when you're telling this story. So we had a lot of fun writing this first batch of six/seven episodes, 'cause there was just so much going on. And we packed so much into these first six. I don't think we've ever packed more big events into six episodes than these first six. The first was almost daunting to do in a little 20-minute story. But I think the new episodes are great. I think they're really fun and super information-dense. I think the fans will really like it. There's a lot happening.

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