Suit Up for How I Met Your Mother Scoops

by Angel Cohn October 3, 2008
The Craig Thomas Interview

TWoP: Lawyered! Yes!

CT: I always enjoy that, 'cause Jason Segel is just so funny and charming, and I like when he lands good points and he's lawyered you. That's definitely one of my favorite ones.

TWoP: Cool. So The thing I always wonder is that, ostensibly future Ted is telling this story to his kids. Do you ever think maybe there is some stuff you wouldn't want to tell your kids?

CT: Ha. The amount of inappropriate crap we do on the show that ostensibly a dad is telling the kids on the show is downright irresponsible, and we may be making America a worse place week by week. But we try at times to highlight to the audience that not every word of this is happening. For starters, the dad is telling this story over the course of one afternoon. You know, the kids don't change clothes or anything, and they're not getting older. That fact alone hopefully says to people he's probably condensing, this narrator. He's probably glazing over certain details. Leaving certain things out. Every once and a while we have Bob Saget say something like, "I'm going to skip over this, kids," stuff like that. And "There's no way I'm telling you this next part. Let's just skip it." Or "let's fast-forward through this." So even the whole episode where Ted may or may not have had a three-way, in the opening narration he says, "I'm telling you a lot of stories, kids, but this is one I would never tell you." We, the audience, still see the story anyway, but that was one where we said, "We have to put some disclaimer on this, so we're not actively sought-after and persecuted by various wholesome family groups in the country."

TWoP: Right. Though he could be the most awesome dad ever.

CT: Look, the kids are teenagers. I like to think that in his mind he's telling them the cleaned-up version. He's telling them a story about dating and breakups and drinking too much one night. Sort of as a way to teach them what not to do. A little bit of a cautionary tale there.

TWoP: So anything else exciting that I should know?

CT: What else? I'm trying to think ahead to the next few. I'm so nervous about spoilers. I'm the worst at saying what's coming up, 'cause I always say too much. I'm really bad with it and I may just leave it at that for now. I think I've haven't given away too much hopefully. But I probably still did.

TWoP: Basically: new season, lots of fun?

CT: It's great. It's great to have a strong debut, ratings-wise. And we have six episodes shot now, and we'll embark upon seven, eight, nine in a week or so and I love all of them. I think they're coming out great. I think you do get better as you go. It's good to have longevity. It's good to get to Season 4. You start knowing how to do this job better. Everybody. The actors. Our director. The writers. You just build up these muscles and figure it out. And it's a lot of fun. We're having a lot of fun right now.

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