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When the gang returns to MacLaren's, Doug serves them professionally and easily. Saget!Ted says, "Kids, I'd love to leave you with the message that fighting is bad and you shouldn't do it, but I know that's pointless. So I'll leave you with this: don't ever get in a fight with Uncle Marshall. That guy's freaking crazy."

End tag: A title card informs us that it's Thanksgiving Day, three to five years in the future. Lily and Marshall at are the Eriksen homestead for the holiday. Marshall stands at the head of the table, and gives the speedy old blessing: "Good food. Good meat. Good God, let's eat." Everyone giggles then he says, "Okay, here we go. Goggles on." The whole family obeys. After donning his own goggles, Marshall reaches down to his chair, and picks up something... it's a lightsaber. It comes to life -- Old Green, indeed. He waves it around and tells the family to pass the plates, then asks Lily if she wants white or dark meat. She tells him she wants dark and asks him to please be careful. He raises his saber high, then chops down at the turkey, and we fade to black.


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Cindy McLennan would love to have a lightsaber, but she'd probably Plaxico herself with it. You can e-mail her at CindyMcLennan[at], but please don't throw her under a bus. Amen.

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