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They realize they're shooting themselves in the foot, which I hope the show will one day re-Christen as >the Plaxico, so they try to work on Marshall from a more friendly angle, but are interrupted when Robin returns home (she lives there now, remember). She's all hot, bothered and as simpering as she was when Fivehead was on the show. She asks Barney to a hockey game and out for drinks. Marshall's just on his way out the door, so he interrupts. "Hey Robin, get this. You know that fight? These guys faked the whole thing." He slams the door shut on his own smiling face.

Robin stiffens as the spell breaks. "Uh. Oh. I forgot. Tonight is no good. I can't go to that hockey game tonight. I've got that, uh..." She backs away from Barney while repeating that uh five more times until she walks into her bedroom (formerly Lily and Marshall's). Ted and Barney look at each other, and it's tough to tell if Ted's figured out Barney's angle, and if he does -- whether or not he cares.

At MacLaren's, Marshall announces he got Doug's victims to drop the lawsuit against Barney and Ted. "Boom. Lawyered!" That will never get old. When the guys want to know how, Marshall says he explained they're wusses. He gestures toward Barney. "I explain how you get a mani/pedi once a month." Barney corrects him -- it's once a week -- and calls him Wolverine. Marshall then gestures toward Ted. "And how you played the hammered dulcimer at the Pre-Reformation Dance Society at Wesleyan." [Go Wes! - Zach] Ted is miffed. "Did you at least tell them we were one of the premier medieval chamber groups in the Little Ivies?" And true to form, Ted pronounces medieval as med-AY-val. Marshall did, and you can tell he did and he's still relishing the fact that he did. He makes sure to add that they all agreed it was much more likely that one guy beat up the three of them than that Ted and Barney had anything to do with it. Ted says, "So wait, now they're only suing Doug?" Marshall and Barney are both pleased by this, so Ted adds, "Angry, irrational, violent Doug who now knows we're the ones who threw him under the bus...?"

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