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The Final Four

Ba ba pa pa!

The whole gang is drinking beers at MacLaren's. Barney can't believe that some woman he screwed over is trying to mess up his life. The nerve! Lily says it's karma. Barney says it's not Karma: she's stripping in Vegas and they're good. Ted tells Barney to just check his list of all the women he's slept with. Barney pretends he doesn't do that. "I have one," Marshall announces, "it's called my marriage license." Marshall and Lily give each other a tough high-five and it is awesomeness personified. Barney says he wouldn't keep women's names on some tawdry list. We jump-cut to Barney's place where he is showing his friends a scrapbook, instead. Barney made it at the Scrapbook Barn on 7th. He advises the gang to ask for Heloise, who helped him. Barney asks Lily if she sees the saboteur. "I don't know, Barney, I only saw her face," Lily says. Ted asks how many of the women know they're being photographed. Barney says all of them do, but only half buy a copy of the pics. Lily doesn't think Barney will find the woman and feels bad for all of them. Robin says that all the women in the photos (she points to several doing apparently very graphic things) knew what they were getting into. Barney thinks what he does should be between him, the women, his friends and Heloise. Lily doesn't recognize anyone except some minor celebrities, one government official (Maddie!) and a national fast food chain mascot. Oh, please let it be The Burger King! Barney wonders how he'll narrow this down.

Bracket time! Barney stands in front of a new bracket divided into four quadrants: "Upper West Side," "Midtown," "The Village" and "Brooklyn." It's his Top 64. Barney says the last girl standing has to be the woman. Lily says they absolutely aren't going to make a game out of this. Barney holds up two six-packs of bottled beer. Score! Later, over beers, everyone is debating. Lily thinks the girl who thought Barney had 12 hours to live had more reason to hate him than the girl to whom he fake-proposed. Robin disagrees. "She hired a wedding planner!" Robin yells. Ted says the other one flew them both to Paris. "12 Hours to Live" wins by a show of hands, everyone except Robin.

Next round: "Thought I was Jorge Posada" versus "You have my Dead Wife's Kidney." I think Kidney wins, although the other woman bought Yankees season tickets to watch him play.

"Fake Baby" versus "Lost at Sea." My God, this is fun. Marshall and Robin are disagreeing. Ted yells, "I WAS THERE, TRUST ME! IT'S FAKE BABY!"

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