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The Final Four

Sweet Sixteen. The number three seed, "Girl Who Thought I Owned Google" is up against the number seven seed, "Girl Who Thought I was a Scuba Instructor." Ted thinks Scuba "She got the bends!" he says. "Yeah she did," Barney chuckles. Yes. Marshall does a thumbs-down and goes, "Boooooo." I think he stole that from Spongebob.

"Evil Twin" versus "Prince of Norway." Tie-breaker goes to Barney. He chooses Evil Twin because he slept with the woman twice: as Barney and as "Larney." I hope he wore a goatee as Larney.

Exhaustion sets in on the Final Four. Everyone is bloated from pizza and tired. Lily asks if that's the blackboard from her classroom. Marshall says forlornly, "I'm tired and sad." Ted wants to call his mom to tell her he loves her. Barney ends things with the Final Four. It has to be Meg, Anna, Kate or Holly. He plans to track them down with Lily's help. "You guys stole my blackboard!" Lily says.

Peppy sports music plays as the camera stutter-shots to the name "Meg" from the Upper West Side. I'm sure the writer's strike caused a time crunch, but it would have been even more awesome to see some NCAA-style sports graphics instead of a sound cue and a shot of a name on a blackboard. That's all right. We're still in A-grade territory. Barney and Lily are walking down the street trying to find Meg, presumably outside her apartment building. Lily tells Barney she won't do it unless he apologizes to the woman. Lily won't tell Barney if it's the right woman if he doesn't. Barney says talking to a woman you've slept with is like changing the oil on a rental car. Barney says Meg is the girl that he ditched at an apartment he pretended was his. Oh yeah. Meg. Barney says she got arrested, bit a cop and spent eight days in jail. He tries to hide when she appears. Lily gets her attention. The woman shoots Barney a serious look and we got to a commercial.

When we return, Meg is approaching Barney, who is telling Lily to find a metal briefcase under his bed and throw it in the East River. Before Barney can offer an excuse, Meg says it was all her fault. She thinks she came on too strong. Barney forgives her. "I love you," he tells her. "Oh my God, I love you TOO!" she says and they kiss. Lily is disgusted. She tries to break up the action. She's not the one, Lily says. Before she can get an apology out of Barney, he's already halfway down the block.

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