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The Final Four

And now I give you the episode tag to end all episode tags. Coming as it does right after a preview for Harold & Kumar featuring Neil Patrick Harris prominently, it may seem like overkill. But oh. Oh, it is not, I promise you. Here we go: We're at Barney's place. We pan from a mini stereo to Barney sitting at his laptop and typing. The familiar notes of the Doogie Howser, M.D. theme are playing. Yes. That's right. THEY ARE GOING THERE. Barney, wearing a white shirt, sits and types. It's big white text on a blue screen. It says, "March 21, 2008, Barney's Blog. Sometimes we search for one thing but discover another." We zoom in on the cursor as it types, "Even though I didn't find the mystery girl..." Barney looks up from the screen nods and smiles. "...I did find out something very important about myself..." A very hot brunette in bed tells Barney to come join her. In a heavy Latina accent, the woman says that Barney has a shuttle launch the next day and that the asteroids not going to destroy itself. Barney tries not to laugh and keeps writing. "I'm awesome," he types. He closes the laptop, takes out his SLR camera and heads for bed. Genius. The only thing that could have made it even a single tiny bit better would have been having Vinnie Delpino climbing in through the window (or more disturbingly, just watching). But maybe they're saving that for next season. To which I say: bring it on.

And that's it. It might be the high point of Season Three. Let's hope there are a few more like this in the pipeline. Don't forget to go listen to the "Ted Mosby is a Jerk" song.

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