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When They're Sixty-Four

Lily turns sadly to Robin, then takes a good hard look at her, and realizes the state of her clothing and asks what happened to her jacket. Robin says, "Oh soot, bread crumbs, placenta. Did you at least TiVo it?" Lily shakes her head regretfully, and the people in the forums spend five pages arguing about how much of a live show various DVRs will save when not actively recording the show, and Barnes finally has to shut them down.

In bed, Barney marvels at the fact that Marshall can be dressed so comfortably every night, and yet Lily will still have sex with him. They then have the most adorable conversation about marriage -- that only these two actors could pull off, and manage to keep it sweet, despite its sexual nature. My favorite line is Barney's, in response to Marshall's claim that sometimes he wakes to the smell of breakfast cooking: "And coffee, too?" The line most revealing of Barney's character growth is when he presents the following scenario to Marshall: "And sometimes, when you're worried you've made all the wrong decisions in life and you're not nearly the man you want to be, what does she do, then?" Marshall says, "Well, she tells you that you're great, and it's all gonna be okay." Barney's dreamily enthralled, and, as he dozes off, he wonders if a wife will find her husband other women with whom he can have sex. Marshall shrugs and supposes that if there was a prior agreement in place, she just might. When Barney's asleep, Marshall coos, "Little guy had a big day. We'll talk about it, tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Slugger." He snuggles down, closes his eyes and folds his hands across his chest, and drifts off to dreamland, where he's again flying a la The Big Lebowski (and Peter Pan) but this time, Barney joins him. They high-five one another in mid-air.

The Next Night; MacLaren's: Saget!Ted narrates that he was still angry with Lily, "Until..." Current-day Ted walks up to the bar and sees Karen there, who says Lily went to see her and explained everything. She then hands Ted an envelope. "And she gave me this note for you."

Over a shot of Lily scribbling away, Alyson Hannigan narrates the contents of the note: Ted, I'm sorry. It doesn't matter to me who you marry. I know they'll be awesome because they'll think you are. To show I mean it, I put together a little surprise for you and Karen, upstairs. Love, Lily. Ted smiles, then furrows his brow. Jason Segal narrates: P.S. Sorry the envelope was already open. I had to read what she wrote. Marshall. Ted smiles, again, at least until Karen opens her mouth. "Sabotaging our relationship? I've got to say, even using the specially-ordered extra low bar by which I judge your friends -- Lily really outdid herself this time." That's a lovely photo negative of Lily's "high bar" comments, earlier. But Karen doesn't know about that, and adds, "Obviously, we can't ever see her again." Ted's eyes spring wide open. Karen lays her hand on his arm and smarms, "I know. It's a big loss, right?" And we flash forward to...

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