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When They're Sixty-Four

Robin stops herself short when Ted rises from his chair, then taking one of her hands in his, drops to his knees. She laughs nervously, and looks at him expectantly. Ted says, "Robin Sherbatsky, will you be my back-up wife?" Robin weeps with delight as she plays along. "A girl always dreams of hearing those words. Yes. Yes. A million times, yes." They both stand and embrace. Their laughter fades long before their bodies part. Once they do, they smile, sigh, and wait. And wait. And wait. I don't know what's going to happen, and I don't know what I want to happen. Finally, Ted says, "All right, it's a deal." They avoid one another's eyes as they again take their seats. Okay, so no kiss. No nookie. In retrospect, that's exactly what I want to happen, and it has happened (or, I guess, hasn't), so YAY me! Robin laughs out a "Yeah." Ted suggests they set some ground rules. And as Robin says, "Okay, like what?" the camera slowly zooms out as a true friendship is born, and grows before our eyes. Ted says, "I don't know. Like neither one of us can get super-fat. Stuff like that." Robin laughs. "Okay, I only have one: you can't wear a nightshirt." Ted promises he never will, and Robin thanks God. They clink their glasses and we fade to commercial.

End Tag; Barney's Bed: Barney is snoring away when his doorbell rings. He gets out of bed and we see he's fully converted to the cult of the nightshirt. He answers the door to find an attractive brunette. I can't tell if she's of some Asian descent, or if I just want her to be, but the sports bra she's wearing reveals some boob. And I'd link to the appropriate page of the recap for The Stinsons, but my browser windows have been completely hung up for the last hour and I want to put this baby to bed. Oh, it finally unfroze. Here it is. The woman gets a load of Barney's nightshirt, says, "Never mind," and takes off. Barney shakes his fists at his now-empty threshold. "NOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!" And we fade to black.

Wow, I just love this episode, and I think the length of this weecap testifies to that better than anything else I could say. I just want to address the concerns I've seen from people who think that using the photo from "Intervention" is a continuity gaff, because that episode aired in October, 2008. It's Saget!Ted who gives us that timeline, and he's the one who misled us about the appearance of the goat. The only real, definite marker for the picture is "in 2009," so I'm going to assume the writers didn't make a goof, and instead just refuse to be bound to the timeline explained by a character who has been previously written as unreliable. Ted's telling the story 21 and 22 years after the fact. He knows one thing happened in 2008 and another in 2009. Unless and until the writers admit to a continuity error here, I'll have none of it. (And with my luck, I expect one of them has been giving an interview copping to just that while I'm typing this sentence.) I'll also have none of the people complaining that Ted somehow did Barney wrong with his back-up proposal to Robin. First of all, Ted and Robin have a much deeper history, which trumps Barney's feelings as of right now. Barney was the first to break his own Bro Code, so to me, that means all bets are off. But beyond that, Ted and Robin both had choices tonight, and Robin seemed receptive enough to Ted, that he could have made his joke proposal into a serious move toward something romantic and/or sexual. And he didn't. So I say cut Ted some slack. His feelings aren't going to disappear, just because the most promiscuous person he's ever met claims to be in love with Robin. [Plus, it puts the pressure on Barney to propose by 40 or lose Robin forever! - Zach] Okay, I'm off my soapbox, now. I hope you enjoyed this episode, even you diehard Barney and Robin 'shippers. I firmly believe Ted and Robin have to be all cleared up before that can begin, and that was finally set in motion, tonight. 'Til next week, mahalo, little readers.

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