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When They're Sixty-Four

Marshall says, "Yeah." He looks down at his beer -- his expression grim. "Ted, Karen's a douche." Ted thanks Marshall for "sugar-coating" it, so Marshall assures him that was the sugar-coated version. And okay, in general, I'm a little tired of words with distinct feminine connotations being used as insults on TV (and yeah, Supernatural, I'm looking at you), but...? Ha! Ted informs the group that his friends don't get a vote on his girlfriends, because it's his life, so he "calls the shots." Karen pops her head back in the MacLaren's door and...calls the shots, and Ted follows her like a puppy just out of obedience school.

Barney can't imagine what Ted sees in Karen...until he remembers she has boobs. Sigh. Lily speculates that Ted's attachment to Karen is largely based on the fact that they first got together back in high school. Marshall says, "We look at Karen and see a jerk. Ted looks at Karen and sees the first person to touch his wiener besides himself, his mom and his pediatrician." Oh, Show. Robin changes the subject. Thanks, Robin! It's 2:00 AM. She has to head off to work. Lily complains about Robin's job being considered a morning show -- because to her, 4:00 AM is the middle of the night. I'll note that Robin has beer in front her, this time, rather than coffee. I think that's your answer, Lily. Personally, I don't understand how you do it, Ms. Aldrin.

Seriously, let's look at this. Robin can go to work then go home and sleep as long as she'd like. Lily's up drinking until -- let's see -- it's nearly 2:00 AM now. She and Marshall have to make their way back to Dowisetrepla. Even taking into consideration the magical speed with which our beloved characters navigate Manhattan, if Lily is asleep by 3:00 AM, she's probably lucky. And then she has to spend a day looking at kindergarten students, who -- although adorable -- constantly put their fingers where they ought not. Yeah. After a ridiculously late night of drinking she does this? I feel my gorge rising just thinking about it.

Robin says she's now used to the hours. "Plus, the show isn't half bad, right?" While Lily and Marshall mumble vague, non-committal affirmations, Barney denies ever having seen even a second of it. He's lying as baldly as Lily and Marshall, right? I mean -- he used to record her on Metro News 1, for pity's sake. Anyhow, Robin realizes none of her friends watch her show (okay, again, we know Barney must, but this is her take). Her face falls. "Okay yes, it's dull and generic and we get spanked in the ratings by that Korean channel that only shows Kim Jong Il riding a horse, but guys, it would mean so much to me if just once, I knew my friends were out there watching." Marshall steps up to the plate and invites everyone to Dowisetrepla on the coming Friday morning, for a Robin-watching, non-sleeping pajama party.

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