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When They're Sixty-Four

The title card reads: 3:30 Friday morning. Marshall and Lily are wearing their jammies and robe. Lily's does a decent job of hiding Hannigan's baby bump. Barney's still in his suit. Maybe he sleeps in it. While Lily whines that she just wants to go to bed, Marshall says, "I hate Robin for not being more successful." Hee. The gang is exhausted and completely lacking in the enthusiasm due their friend. But then Ted walks in and announces that Karen dumped him -- and surprise, surprise, they find their joy. So does the fandom. No offense to the lovely and talented Ms. Prepon, who has acquitted herself of the Karen role quite well, but if the mother turns out to be someone like her HIMYM character, my DVDs may well end up on eBay the next day, with a "Buy-It-Now" of a buck per season. Shipping included.

Theme Song.

Back from the opening credits, Marshall and Barney are still celebrating Ted's pain, now with a chest bump, and the sight gag is made of extra win, thanks to the relative size differences between Segel and Harris. Barney then puts a stop to the revelry, by reminding everyone Ted's just been through a bad break-up. Ted nods, so Barney says, "Look, buddy, tell us everything. Tell us what happened. Seriously, spare no details. What did she say? What did you say? How did it feel? If you were to do it again, all over, would you maybe..." And if you're anything more than the most casual viewer, even if you happened to miss this episode, you surely already know that Barney has been backing out of the living room during this entire line of inquiry, but that doesn't make it not work. Oh, no -- thanks to NPH's skill, it's simply vintage Barney. Once he's made his escape to a back room, Lily asks Ted how it happened with sincere interest. Ted explains that it was the stupidest thing, and we flash back to...

Ted's bedroom: Ted and Karen are sitting on his bed, having a playful pillow fight, spurred by a conversation worthy only of their Duchy -- which one of them is lowbrow enough (implied) to actually be a fan of 2002 Chiantis. Karen stops when she finds an earring. Ted supposes it must be Robin's, so Karen accuses him of sleeping with her, but he denies it, figuring it ended up on his bedclothes from the laundry. When Karen wonders why she should believe him, Ted says, "Um, maybe because I've always been faithful to you, while you've cheated on me like six times, bitch." Oh, snap. And we flash to...

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