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When They're Sixty-Four

Barney can barely contain himself. "Marshall's wearing a nightgown." He takes his own pulse. "Marshall's wearing a nightgown. Hey guys, you know how in the future we're always saying, 'Remember when Marshall wore a nightgown'? THIS IS THAT TIME!" Bravo, Show. That's such a great moment on a couple of levels. The first is, obviously, NPH. Again. The second is Barney's nod to the series' conceit. The third is that, remember, Ted is telling this story to his children in 2030, so he probably inserted those lines in Barney's mouth by way of explaining this Uncle Marshall story they'd only been half-hearing until now (or I guess that's "now"). Marshall's calm response (that it's just a nightshirt) is the icing on the cake. Barney says Marshall can call it a "Ninja star danger jock if you want. Doesn't make you any less of a cross-dresser." Marshall doesn't care how many manly-man words Barney strings together to mock him. He's all, "Whatever, dude. It's comfy." So of course, Barney must go off on a tear. Never you mind him, Marshall. Self-confidence is sexy.

Oh, right, Barney's tear: "So, flying to Neverland with Peter and Tink, was that amazing?" Barney raises his hand. "Ooh, let me go next! Was it nice to finally get out of that crowded bed..." His giggles threaten to break his stride. "...and take Charlie to the chocolate factory?" His hand shoots up again. "Ooh, me, me, me, me, me!" A beat. "Something... about Scrooge!" He looks to Ted and Lily, who are seated to his left, on the couch. They smirk, but don't join in. "Come on, guys. I'm carrying the team."

Lily shrugs. Ted straps his overnight bag over his shoulder and stands as he explains that he lived with Marshall for 12 years and figures any time he's clothed, it's a win, which is a great callback to Marshall's unemployment-fueled underpants days. Ted high-fives Marshall, then walks off to the bedroom, to change into his own jammies, which are simply scrub pants and a T-shirt. From the other room, Lily hollers out that Robin's show is about to start. Ted says he'll be right there, but on his way out, he spies something on Marshall and Lily's bureau. He picks it up, and with Marshall's little model robot looking over his shoulder, we see it's an earring -- but not just any earring -- it's a match to the one Karen found in his bed.

Lily, now seated in the chair closest to the TV, switches it on. Against a cheesy, water-coloreque rainbow background, we see the title card for Robin's show: Come On, GET UP, New York! The TV show within a TV show's camera zooms back to reveal the title card is just a close up of the anchor desk, which Robin is sharing with an older man. Barney, Marshall and Lily clap as Robin starts her intro. Someone mutes the TV before she can say, "Sherbatsky." That someone is Ted. He tells Marshall he found the earring on his dresser and accuses him of planting the other one, so that Karen would get angry and break up with him. Marshall? Don't be ridiculous Ted, or you'll soon be the Duke of Dickdom. Clearly, Lily did it. And to give Lily her due, she admits it before things go too far awry between her spouse and his best friend, but not until after Barney offers the lame, but impassioned excuse that Marshall was just accessorizing. Do you think he was in on Lily's plan? Think about it during the commercial. Commercial!

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